Nvidia demonstrates ray tracing on the GPU

PCGH reports: Nvidia says to have demonstrated the first GPU only ray trace at Siggraph 2008.

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sak5005822d ago

If it doesnt cost 2000$ and doesnt take 1 hourto render half frame then there is a chance for this in gaming industry.

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doshey5822d ago

because they just want to make the next best thing

Charmers5822d ago

Come on guys be realistic, they are not saying "Oh this will be in games in 3 months time". It is future technology, giving you a glimpse of what's to come.

RadientFlux5822d ago

I think ray tracing is still a few console generations away espically as we gamers get used to more visually complex games.

Though it wouldn't surprise me if in the next generation someone creates a ray-traced pac-man game.

The Lazy One5821d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Sony and M$ designed their hardware with raytracing in mind down the road. It's been around for too long with AMAZING results to completely disregard it.

It probably won't be in launch games, but the power will probably be there to have it later in the generation.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the consoles added a third processor for near dedicated physics. I think Sony took one step forward in using consoles as a way to experiment with new hardware. If they would have had the cell already well supported with programming knowledge it probably would have had an enormous effect.

If someone did something similar (by expanding the power in an experimental way) without having it so hard to program for, it would probably make an amazing machine.