Happy Holidays from PlayStation.Blog and Friends

By Justin Massongilli: "Ah, December. A time to celebrate a number of different holidays for a number of different reasons. The PlayStation.Blog team is taking some time off to visit, gain a few pounds, and hopefully catch up on some of that gaming backlog we’ve accrued over the course of 2015"

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DarkOcelet2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

The one from Guerrilla games is awesome.

Aloy and a Helghast on top of a RIGS Mech and a Watcher from Horzion, pretty cool.

xer02904d ago

Yep.., some pretty cool cards overall, but Guerrilla games put in more effort than most.

Aloy-Boyfriend2904d ago

I also liked the one that has two red bags. I couldn't recognize the character and where's from.

Merry Christmas PlayStation community

DarkOcelet2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Thats from Ninja's Theory game Hellblade :)

Her name is Senua


2pacalypsenow2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Merry Christmas!

Rookie_Monster2904d ago

Happy holidays Sony on a wonderful year.

sk8ofmnd2904d ago

What a great year it has been for all gamers!

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Preserving nature and biodiversity with PlayStation Community - Sony Interactive Entertainment

It’s been over a year since the launch of Guerrilla’s Horizon Forbidden West, and we’d like to share an update on our Aloy’s Forest project with you. This initiative is part of our commitment to the United Nations Playing for the Planet Alliance, supported by UN-REDD, to raise awareness on biodiversity.

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mastershredder3d ago

Oh sure… yeah, totally what I think of when I’m busy entertaining myself by gaming and breaking away from the norm mainline of highly profitable / incentivized concerns in the world


Stellar Blade's Developer Shift Up Form Publishing Agreement With PlayStation

Shift Up, the studio behind the upcoming action-adventure game Stellar Blade has announced that they’ve entered a publishing agreement with PlayStation, becoming the first Korean-based studio to join PlayStation’s second-party partners.

XiNatsuDragnel10d ago

Understandable a publishing agreement imo is fair

Obscure_Observer10d ago

"Understandable a publishing agreement imo is fair"

Oh yes... Of course it´s "fair" when its Sony the ones stealing multi platform games from Xbox gamers.

Gotta love the f* hypocrisy. Smdh.

Athlon10110d ago

"Previously, Stellar Blade, known as Project Eve at the time of its announcement, was scheduled to come out on Xbox and PlayStation. However, it seemed the project ran into funding issues, facing possible cancellation entirely. This led to PlayStation assisting the studio, and when Project Eve resurfaced as Stellar Blade, it was revealed that the Xbox version had been canceled."

How is Sony stealing when it's funding the studio and project? I don't see MS funding Bethseda or Activion prior to acquisition.

CrashMania10d ago

Gotta love the false equivalence comparisons. Smdh.

XiNatsuDragnel9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

So did the games xbox get faced cancelations without them?
You need to chill and reevaluate. Business is cruel Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony ain't your friends they're competing for your money.
It is just Sony is doing things that Sega, or Nintendo would've done tbh.

Vengeance11389d ago

I think you made a pretty big typo there kid, as Xbox is the one removing every multiplat they can find from PlayStation.

Crows909d ago

Its absolutely fair....no hypocrisy...you should be singing their praises...you love this kinda shit.

Redemption-649d ago

You level of ignorance is amazing

jambola9d ago

It's business
You can't steal what someone doesn't own

Obscure_Observer9d ago (Edited 9d ago )


"However, it seemed the project ran into funding issues, facing possible cancellation entirely. This led to PlayStation assisting the studio, and when Project Eve resurfaced as Stellar Blade, it was revealed that the Xbox version had been canceled."

Where´s your *official* source for that? This is nothing but some made up lying bs! Shift Up never ran into funding issues during Stellar Blade´s development. They´re a big a$$ korean studio made of hundreds of developers and partially owned by no other than Tencent!

Sony straight up PAID Shift Up to cancel both Xbox One and Xbox Series versions of that game making it exclusive to Playstation, so yeah, the STOLE IT from Xbox gamers!

So again, bring your official source! I´ll be waiting.

Hofstaderman9d ago

Hey Obscure the ratio of of Ps5 to Series consoles is 93 to 7 in France currently. We'll see you in that inevitable article comment section, right?

Godmars2909d ago

When Sony's working with a studio to further develop new titles vs MS waiting till one with a popular IP is having money troubles, yeah, its fair.

If not then its a more competent method of working with studios.

Pyrofire959d ago

"Stealing" The game almost got cancelled cause it didn't have funding.

Bathyj9d ago

Settle down.
They're helping with a new game from a small developer. Not buying a publisher with a stable if6 Devs and looking decades of IP to their platform.

You want hypocrisy?
Look in the mirror.