You want to know why? Pirates give indie game dev an earful

Several days ago, an independent game developer asked pirates a simple question: why? The pirates have responded, and the reasons people pirate games aren't surprising. The challenge is to now react to this information with positive change.

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uckitsayitchbay3718d ago

*SHIFTY EYES* I never pirated a game in my life

Spydiggity3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

but didn't these responses sound...fake? "i do it cuz it's easy." sounds like bs to me. I believe because people don't want to spend the money, but i don't think that gamers don't want to support the industry. if a game looks really good, i'll buy it. there is an exception to that. i would not buy gears of war or halo on pc (examples) after i already owned them on console. but i might d/l them to see which is better or what's different. i was actually pretty upset when i saw how many ppl pirated Crysis. the game is a graphical marvel and companies won't push the technology if they aren't rewarded for their efforts. Crysis isn't some cookie cutter shooter like unreal, quake, doom, or call of duty. it's ground breaking. games like that should be rewarded. i would be even more offended, i'm sure, if i saw the number of ppl who pirated Half Life 2 or Bioshock. There are very few original developers out there and pirating their stuff does seem wrong.

on the other hand. the opposite argument can and should be made. i'm not paying 15 dollars for a CD with one okay song on it, and i'm not paying 50-60 dollars for a game that doesn't have much long term value either.

so i doubt ppl are pirating games for convenience, i'd say it's more a result of a crumbling economy combined with lousy production quality in a LOT of games.

bednet3718d ago

I think this guy is bang on the money, his deductions are also correct. I've said it for years people download games cause its fast, easy, cheap and you do get the better version (no cd to play, no DRM).

Now this guy's solution is to remove DRM and sell his games cheaper, this removes at least one issue with games today (DRM) and if the price is right may sell a lot more.

What the industry needs is a true universal digital distribution model where a gamer can easily and rapidly buy and download any game (with limited DRM) to his PC at a reasonable price.

Fight fire with fire.

As for Crysis, who pays 60$ for a game without knowing if their pc can take it...crysis is a benchmark game in terms of graphics but the gameplay and story is generic and not the FPS I recommend, CoD4 is...people are curious, can you blame them?

The Lazy One3718d ago

First is DRM, which is annoying as butts, and was covered in the story so /end that.

The other two are the fact that there are a ton of crappy games, and that a lot of developers have a huge sense of entitlement and an idea that their game is worth so much right off the bat. The best solution to the first problem is having a demo available. It is great for checking system specs for benchmark games, and it lets the customer know they will enjoy the game.

The second is just as simple. If your game is good, it will sell. If it isn't, you don't deserve the money. A good game should make good money. You don't have to make all your money back in the first 1000 sales. Often if you price something low enough, your sales will explode. Think of how many people would download a $1 game with a good demo (as long as the non-demo content was significant).

I know phantom dust did something like that at launch on the Xbox. It started at $25 (WAY WORTH IT) and sales exploded so they actually raised the price to $50 (ALSO WORTH IT). That's the way it should work imo.

Ruind3718d ago

The only real reasons why people pirate. The average quality of games is crap. In a single year, how many great games/movies/cds are actually released? 2 or 3 maybe and that's being generous. Why should anyone pay $60, or more if you live in other countries, for a product with unknown quality.

When the quality is good, the sales will come. You only have to look at World of Warcraft. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but who hasn't given a couple hundred dollars and hours of life to Blizzard. That's hundreds not only 50 or 60. They have over 10 million subscribers at 15 bucks a month. They've made billions on this game. The Dark Knight is breaking records left and right and there are tons of pirated copies. And haven't a couple of music records been broken in this age of piracy?

Yes, it's stealing. But... it's mostly trash they're stealing.

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Scerick3718d ago

I've bought several games that I turned around and cracked to put on my machine *cough* crysis making my dvd drive make funny noises *cough*. Ironically the game worked better after I cracked it!

P.S. Yes I really did buy them :P.

LoVeRSaMa3718d ago

Piracy isn't a problem at all, there will always be an opposing force.

People need a reason to buy the real thing =]

N00BZSUCKASS3718d ago

1. The information wants to/free anarchists think copyright shouldn't exist.
2. Games are too expensive.
3. The quality of gaming is too uneven.
4. DRM is hurting the legitimate customers.
5. Going to the shops is annoying.
6. Because piracy is easy to do with low risk for getting caught..

-all good reasons to me.

JeepGamer3718d ago

"1- The information wants to/free anarchists think copyright shouldn't exist."

This is total crap and is romanticizing it for the purpose of making people feel better about themselves for stealing. What do you do for a living? How would you feel if somebody told you that whatever you do should be 'free'? It doesn't work so well now does it? If you work, think about how you would feel if somebody came along and said that the fruits of your labor should be freely given away and you shouldn't make money at it.

"2 - Games are too expensive."
"3 - The quality of gaming is too uneven."

I agree and disagree. A good game is not too expensive but a bad game is. The problem is good games and bad games are typically the same price... 60 bucks and with bad games selling simply by having a licensed character slapped on the box, there is no incentive spend time or money to make good games. I put these two together because they have the same root issue.

"4 - DRM is hurting the legitimate customers."

I will agree that this does happen but it is grossly overplayed. The examples of DRM hurting legitimate customers is uncommon and this is largely used as an excuse to moralize stealing.

"5 - Going to the shops is annoying."

Holy crap, what kind of arrogance is this? Did they really even say that? You mean actually going to the store to buy something is too much trouble for you? Order it and have it delivered. This just yet another lame excuse people come up with in order to justify stealing.

"6 - Because piracy is easy to do with low risk for getting caught."

Finally a little bit of honesty. After a short list of lame excuses it was almost refreshing to see at least one truthful answer.

Scerick3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

DRM is much more detrimental than I think you're giving credit.

Hell as I said before, Crysis made my DVD drive click while the disk was in, I had to crack it to play.

I also didn't buy mass effect for PC because of the DRM (I didn't pirate it though). I really had no motivation to deal with the DRM as I'd already beat it on 360 (Was going to go through again as a "good" character on PC).

Enigma_20993718d ago

... oh who am I kidding?!?!

The Lazy One3718d ago

Amazon has free shipping on most things over $30 (? is it $50?), which is pretty much all games.

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