Loot Ninja Podcast - August 14th Edition

Loot Ninja writes:

"Join us this week as our one armed bandits discuss what they're all currently playing, Madden 09, Bungie hinting at new Halo 3 major content additions, iPhone gaming, Fable 2 orgy achievements, and the Lara Croft crotch shots. Some discussions of broken necks and resetting the game, White Castle wrecking your insides, and the proper way to go tanning get thrown in and hilarity ensues."

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taz80803717d ago

Madden 09 sounds interesting but I am not sure if there is enough in there to make me buy it just yet.

drunkpandas3717d ago

I'm still on the fence. There aren't tons of INTs and fumbles this year, but even still I'm not sure if there's enough for me to warrant spending $60. Might just rent it...

taz80803717d ago

Lara Croft pics are disturbing when the bottom floor isnt taken care of. WOdner if there was any photoshop involved?

drunkpandas3717d ago

You can do a lot in Photoshop... I'm surprised they didn't fix that up before releasing them

fiercescuba3717d ago

Lara Croft crotch shots with stubble FTL

taz80803717d ago

yeah I am not sure why you would want htose photos out in the world? the actress must be at least a bit embarassed.