Dreams Is Definitely A Game; Will Be A Story Led, Pop Culture Innovative Console Experience

Media Molecule's Dreams won't just be a creation tool, but also a proper story led game, according to Alex Evans.

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matgrowcott1030d ago

I feel at this point the "mystery" marketing for this game has worn thin. It's gone from Mild interest in a gimmick to thinking if they have anything worth showing, they'd have shown it.

I'm waiting to be wowed, but I'm definitely more skeptical than I was at last year's E3.

Kalebninja1030d ago

Um calm down of course they haven't shown a lot, it was only just announced at this years E3.

matgrowcott1030d ago

I'm not exactly uncalm pal, but thanks for the, um, tip.

It was announced way before this year's E3. Didn't they announce they were working on something alongside Tearaway, and that was three years ago almost.

I'm not saying its bad. It's too early for that. But that's the point Im making, I would expect to know a little more at this point.

guyman1030d ago

Alright good for you.. meanwhile, people who enjoyed littlebigplanet see the true potential of this game. It's going to be great.

Keep up the great work media molecule

guyjean1030d ago

True. Nothing they showed so far was good enough to say this game won't be a flop. Will grab it when it comes for free for ps+ subscribers.

medman1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

Have you seen where they created a creature in the game and 3d printed it to make it a toy in reality??


Good lawd looks incredible. Creative types will love it, while those without much imagination probably won't do much creating, but will still enjoy playing the creations of others. I definitely fall in the latter group, as I don't have as much time for gaming as I would like, but this game looks very promising to me.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1030d ago

This industry needs more devs like Media Molecule that bring new ideas to gaming in form of creativity and art. I think this will make a bigger impact than Little Big Planet did.

Jughead34161030d ago

Sony is often criticized for supporting so many indies. But Media Molecule started as a small indie studio when they made Little Big Planet. Most indies go unrecognized. But you just may find that diamond in the rough like Media Molecule.

Alexious1030d ago

Definitely agreed on both accounts. I'm really hyped for this one.

phoenix_dusk1030d ago

This game underrated by the loud minority. No wonder they are out of touch of the trends.

Dreams is gonna smash. I feel it. Think of this as a playlist of everything. Like a youtube of sort with games, films etc. As long as the Dream within a dream kind of engine helps creators or dreamers to create faster and better, the community will grow. I could actually see things like Dreams Grammy,VGAs, Oscars as an E-Sports for this kind. Tbh, this Dreams could actually be that PS4 or PSVR's killer app.

Jughead34161030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

I wonder if there'll be other visual art styles other than the clay looking characters. I think I remember them saying so in one of their interviews, but not sure. I also wonder if you can do 2D platforming like Little Big Planet

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