360 users will be able to buy Marketplace content via PC

Develop reports that Microsoft is planning to bridge the gap between Xbox Live Arcade and PCs. 360 owners will soon be able to buy, via their web browser, Marketplace content which is automatically downloaded to their home console. Developers will also be able use direct link iTunes-like URLs that let them virally promote their XBLA creations.

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zonetrooper53721d ago

Like Sony did with the online PSN store for the PC, hopefully it will have all the content that is on XBL at this moment.

urban bohemian3721d ago

I hope its quicker searching for content via pc compared to what it can be like on xbl.

Cajun Chicken3721d ago


Dissidia3721d ago

Taking a note from sony, with the PSN PC Store.
well done.

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