Sega boss: 'EA could kill Facebook'

Sega Of America CEO Simon Jeffery has said that monetary success with games on social networks is 'challenging' – and warned that the involvement of huge publishers such as EA could ruin its appeal.
Citing the rapid rise and fall of MySpace, Jeffery said that as soon as 'kids' suspected major companies were involved, they would 'move on' – adding that Sega would be careful not to 'over invest' in the area.
Jeffery also stated that Sega wasn't interested in following the likes of Ubisoft and EA to launch its own casual-only brand.

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InMyOpinion3720d ago

Please do. I hate facebook. It's a mess with all the apps and notifications attacking you from left to right.

Salvadore3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

You know you could disable the notifications? That's what I did because I got fed up with logging into Hotmail and noticing 10 new messages from Facebook.

mirroredderorrim3720d ago

People don't like advertisements. Once myspace flooded everyone with advertisements and companies paid individuals to spam it led to the decline in popularity.

Facebook is no exception. Mainstream will infect it like it already has and the service will lose what made it standout, like many before it.

Drekken3720d ago

Well foxfire with adblocker works nicely and if you make people have to certify with typing the code for human verification you get a lot less spam.

I get close to NO invites from spammers anymore.

mirroredderorrim3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

There are more people that don't know how to deal with the problems that these sites have. Such as having someone post on your account, sending everyone spam. There are many problems with Myspace which will transfer to Facebook, if it already has not.

I personally don't mess with Myspace very much, unless to contact some friends, because I don't just have friends in California/USA, I have friends all over, people I actually know.
Aside from that, I don't care to be on it, to wait for that next reply or whatever it is people do on there for extended periods of time.

Facebook moving away from being a professional system dealing with communication through college status. I never used it, but I know many who do. I could personally care less.
I have a Black Berry Curve and it came with Facebook on it, I got rid of it, though. It serves me no purpose.

I wonder if EA and Microsoft are going to merge. That has been on my mind a lot. I would stop buying games and become a musician if it did.

RJ20003720d ago

Kinda looks like that has already happened... i mean look at how sh*tty the EA games are on Playstation.

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