Geek Reviews: Final Fantasy IV

Geek writes:

Ahhh, memories. They say you can never go back, but Square Enix consistently proves that false. Many older gamers will no doubt remember the classic Final Fantasy II way back in the glory days of the SNES, and I am no different. Not only was it the first Final Fantasy game I ever played, it was the first video game RPG I had ever experienced and it was the genesis for a deep and lasting love of both. Now, the classic game is back and reimagined for the DS under its original Japanese release number, that of Final Fantasy IV.

Despite the fond place the original game has in my heart, I had forgotten many of the salient features of it. One thing that will strike those more used to recent Final Fantasy titles is how frequent the makeup of the party changes. Characters are constantly shifting in and out of the spotlight as the plot develops, really giving the strategies and combat constantly different feels. I had also forgotten how well the story gives a sense of a constant uphill battle against the myriad forces confronting them, and really generates a feeling of desperate, against all odds atmosphere.

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