Alan Wake Easter Egg in Quantum Break Teased by Remedy’s Happy Holidays Video

Remedy Games just released a Holiday greeting video, and it’s a quite special one, featuring an Alan Wake Easter egg that will appear in Quantum Break.

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DarkOcelet2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Alan Wake with a beard, hmm....

Alan Wake 2 Confirmed???

You dont go through all that for just an Easter Egg, i need Alan Wake 2 in my life right now!

AngelicIceDiamond2725d ago

Hmmm. Very strange for Sam Lake to talk or tease another project its not like him he usually finishes one project, ships it, then teases another.

But then again he has been mentioning Alan Wake here and there ever since QB been announced.

E3 2016 Alan Wake 2 teaser? I don't see why not.

donthate2725d ago

I expect Alan Wake 2 to be exclusive to Xbox One and PC, and be announced at upcoming E3. Too much talk to go empty handed.

jb2272725d ago

It'd be pretty early for an AW2 teaser wouldn't it? Remedy only has the one team to my knowledge, so unless they can brainstorm & produce a trailer in 8 weeks or unless QB has already been finished for some time now, that may be jumping the gun a bit. I don't doubt that AW2 is their next title but that time table seems a little rushed. On the other hand, they could've broken off into another team without revealing it awhile ago. Pretty sure that's how TLOU reveal came about so close in proximity to UC3, so it wouldn't be unheard of I suppose. That would be a great surprise for MS come E3 for sure, love to see it happen personally.

Grap2725d ago

i think they are related or in the same universe at least.

Automatic792725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Sam lake please reveal Alan Wake 2 at this years E3. I would love the one two combination of Quantum Break and Alan Wake for this generation on Xbox One.

DarkOcelet2724d ago

It would be amazing. I want to see more from Alan Wake.

American Nightmare was ok but not as great as the first game.

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christocolus2725d ago

Nice vid.Its always nice to see Sam bring on Quantum Break then some Alan wake 2.

d_g2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Quantum Break and now Alan Wake 2!

keep it up Remedy i really can’t wait to hear more about the game

SpaceRanger2725d ago

"Quantum Break and now Alan Wake 2! "

Thank you for proving my point from above lol

AngelicIceDiamond2725d ago

Well hes expressing his excitement for Alan Wake sequel. Neither MS or Remedy confirmed it. That's why the headline says Easter Egg its not a teaser of any sorts hes just wish us a Merry Christmas.

gangsta_red2725d ago

Did d_g say it's confirmed for 2016 as you suggested above?

sullynathan2725d ago

If the game is as good as max payne then it will be good.

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