Xbox Live Games With Gold For January 2016

Major Nelson:
For the month of January, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games – two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360 – as part of the Games with Gold program. You can play both Xbox 360 titles on your Xbox One with Backward Compatibility.

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Genuine-User2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Really good month for me.

I'm looking forward to Killer Instinct and Zheroes.

donthate2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Good start on the year with Deus Ex and Killer Instinct!

Man the free GwG are really good.

Genuine-User2537d ago

Yep. They're getting better.

3-4-52537d ago

* Decent list but nothing great. I won't be exaggerating things like other people will.

These games don't excitement, but they are at least decent as opposed to most of the GWG that just aren't appealing at all.

It's not GREAT though....lets keep it real people.

Genuine-User2537d ago

It's a good list. Opinions.

Team_Litt2537d ago

Hey everybody. Don't get excited because I'm not excited. I find these games okay. I don't like GwG in general and I don't want any of you to be excited.

In closing, I'm not excited and I don't want you to be excited either...because I'm not excited.

vegasgamerdawg2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Only your opinion matters? Others are exaggerated because they like things you don't? The only one not keeping it real is you. FanBOY in a Look this up, because it fits you perfectly...delusions of grandeur...get help.

jsin942537d ago

This list is great for a new Xbox One owner like myself who doesn't have many games. I just bought KI combo breaker pack but it's pretty cool that i will get all costumes and the original KI on top of that. Plus, all games that Xbox 360 owners get will be available for One owners too. I don't see how this isn't a great deal.

mark_parch2536d ago

killer instinct and deus ex for free is GREAT

GordonKnight2536d ago

Looks like you are going to have to spend some money this month or make some friends. Cheer up bud it's most Christmas!!!

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KiwiViper852537d ago

As soon as I heard Deus Ex was BC I went and bought it. Dammit

Angerfist2537d ago

I probably would have done the same too soon. Well atleast sometimes I'm lucky :)

Rookie_Monster2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Wow, Not only is KI season 1 Ultra, a $40 game is free, but BC games Deus EX and Dirt:Showdown will also be free for XB1 gamers with gold. The best subscription gaming service just got better. Where else can you get a high quality AAA title and 2 additional BC titles for $5 or less per month?

Thanks MS, you are starting the new year with a bang! Just renewed for another 12 months a few days ago. Keep up the great work Team xbox.

killer_goat2537d ago ShowReplies(14)
uptownsoul2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Good selection of games...especially if you haven't done much gaming last generation

81BX2537d ago

One bubble at a time....

2537d ago
DashArrivals2537d ago ShowReplies(3)
gangsta_red2537d ago ShowReplies(1)
spicelicka2537d ago Show
AngelicIceDiamond2537d ago

@Lecreust What a way to go off topic. Yeah we're not startin that again.

Even though I said Uncharted 4 will look better. It already looks better now. So it doesn't even matter.

"Or were you just looking for any jump-off point to promote a tired agenda?"

Lol the agenda is HAPPENING RN. Phantom Disagrees ppl like you Ziggurcat, uptown, killer Goat (No he doesn't have an Xbox) Dash arrivals, Playtaa plus the many phantom disagrees. My lord I thought this was a GWG article. Why does it attract so many of you Sony fans the way it does is beyond me sounds like a huge personal problem.

So the "tired" agenda is happening as I type and scroll and watch. Just loo...naw you you can't see it, at all many can't.

So yes Xbox having a decent GWG month offends PlayStation fanboys clearly just by a simple quick scan the comment section.

That easy.

dantesparda2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Wow, you really do sound like a paid advertisement, I don't care how much you like these systems, nobody should stoop to such levels, pathetic! But yeah, the list is "meh" to me and Deus Ex was given out on PS Plus back about a year and half ago in June of 2013 (talk about old).

And best service? You pay more money for less games ($60 for 4 game a mo. vs $50 for 6 games on PS+) and the service goes out just as much as PSN. But keep holding on to those false beliefs.

whoyouwit042537d ago

Dude live is down no where near the amount PSN is, and that is fact. You people are paying for a shity service and refuse to admit it. The sad thing is you idiots don't realize you are hurting your selves by saying PSN is already on the level of Xbox live, Because we see that Sony isn't putting any of the money you people are paying them back into their online service.

dantesparda2537d ago

I own both systems and services kid, I and see no difference between them, THEY BOTH GO DOWN! And if you wanna believe otherwise to make yourself feel better, then go ahead and knock yourself out. But Live is down a hell of a lot more than you fanboys will admit. Neither service is something to be happy about paying for in my opinion, but at least I am getting more for my money on PSN.

And I'm not defending either service, they should both be free for playing online and then pay for services for the free games/perks.

christocolus2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Why are you so upset about someone else's opinion? If you don't like the GWG for january then that's perfectly okay...but enough with the whinning. I don't see you posting similar replies to users who make exact same comments in other articles. And who cares when PS offered Deus Ex. This isn't an article about PSN or PSplus. This is about Xbox GWG and going by majority of comments on various websites its obvious xbox fans are happy with the January offerings.

dantesparda2536d ago

Why do you sound so upset about somebody else's opinion? Why are you whining about mine? I think its pathetic for anyone to get that excited and act like that over something that's so average. Some people try to hard to be fanboys/cheerleaders around here. Now if you don't like what I have to say, then you can just ignore me. Til then, as long as this is a public forum/comment section where people can give their opinions, I will continue to give mine. And believe me when the PS fanboys start to act this pathetic over lame sh't, I will gladly say so too. Now buzz off with your defensive bullsh't.

And btw, I actually think this Zhero game, actually looks good for a indie game and KI for free, is actually not bad, but sorry that im not all golly, gee, woow, I love MS about it.

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Max-Zorin2537d ago

It's official, your disagrees is the number of people that hate you, just as much as they hate the U.S. Government.

Jason_Plays_PC2537d ago

@rookie, Your comment is pretty cringeworthy i have to agree with killer_goat.

Old_Prodigy2536d ago

If I didn't know any better I'd say that you were making a sales pitch.

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YinYangGaming2537d ago

Dayum that is a good month! The killer instinct ultra edition especially is amazing for a GWG

Volkama2537d ago

Killer Instinct purchases on the Xbox are supposed to apply to the PC version as well. I wonder if this is technically the first PC game to release on Games with Gold? :)

MetroidFREAK212537d ago

KI... A full season for free... Awesome!