Team Xbox 360: Red Faction: Guerrilla MP Impressions

Everything that is set before the player is virtually destructible. If you whip out your sledgehammer and begin swinging away at a building, you'll most likely bring it down to its knees in fifteen or so seconds. It's entertaining to say the least; especially if you knock over a building and it collapses on your enemies that never saw it coming.

The next portion of gameplay that stuck out was the power-ups. Having the ability to run through walls with the Rhino power-up or run at a fast speed with Fleetleet, Red Faction: Guerilla proposes new and interesting methods to disposing your opposition. Altogether, there were five power-ups that were found in the demo including: Rhino, Fleetleet, Jetpack, Firepower, and Concussion. Firepower basically added more punch to your attacks and Concussions sent out a shockwave to harm an enemy.

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