Gamasutra - Koster: 'The Sandbox Is Exploding'

Ultima lead designer, author and Metaplace founder Raph Koster seems fond of looking back on media's "predictions" for our future to see how they, in his words, "got it wrong" when it comes to the modern day's relationship with games. In his keynote at SIGGRAPH's Sandbox Symposium, Koster looked at how the future always defies the futurists, and at what we need to do to be ahead of the curve now.

"If you're still reading 'Snow Crash,' you're going in the wrong direction, because it's not 1992 anymore," he said. The quintessential "flying cars" image used to be our idea of "retro-futurism" -- Koster now checks out a screencap of Ratchet and Clank and says it "looks awfully retro futurist to me."

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StalkingSilence3806d ago

That guy looks like "Troy" - Ryan's friend from The Office.

StalkingSilence3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

ok it's not the best pic of him, but i went out and found a picture from the episode (attached).

EDIT: having trouble attaching it to the comment. Here's a link: