Gamasutra - EIF: Guitar Hero, Nintendogs Better Educational Tools Than 'Serious Games'

Instead of making serious games for education, why not embrace traditional gaming to enhance kids' lives?

Much is made of the potential for games to enhance education for today's kids living in a so-called "digital world," but traditional approaches seek to make gaming conform to education. At the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, two innovative teachers suggested that teachers ought to embrace -- and employ -- all the ways in which kids are already playing.

Dr. Graham Brown-Martin is the founder of the Handheld Learning UK organization for research and education, and at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, he was joined by Learning and Teaching Scotland's Derek Robertson to present a new way to look at games and education that embraces the way kids already play, as an alternative to traditional "edugaming" approaches.

Most students in primary school, Brown-Martin says, own phones, and at least one console, including portables.

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Why do people keep writing this crap?

Harry1903715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

to be the best gaming site in terms of quality content. They offer the most objective approach to gaming industry news. However,this article is just a report from the Edinburgh Interactive Festival and not a piece of opinion. Two teachers from separate associations actually made a speech about that.