Castle Crashers priced for 1200 MS points

Crisis averted! Those who fretted over Castle Crashers' reported 1800 MS point entry fee can finally un-tense your muscles and relax. Behemoth has announced on its development blog that the price tag is a more palatable 1200 MS points (US $15). Is that the sweet spot for this month's only online multiplayer game? Castle Crashers begins, erm, crashing castles next Wednesday.

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Supa3721d ago

It feels like I've been waiting years on this game. Glad to see it's finally coming out.

Personally I don't think $15 is a sweet spot at all, $10 is enough to make an exciting-looking game an inpulse buy. Of course I've been anticipating this game for ages so I'll probably pick it up none the less, maybe Microsoft are banking on the "flavor of the week" fans to do just that.

power of Green 3721d ago

So you will be buying this on your 360?...

dachiefsman3721d ago

wtf MS first braid 1200 and now this? bullsh+t.

Bnet3433721d ago

Not really. This game is understandable because of how big and long it is.

TOSgamer3721d ago

How big and long is it?

dachiefsman3721d ago

I hope your right. Still kind of pissed about the pub games. they should have been 300 MS pts tops.

nirwanda3721d ago

and so will castle crashers shop around find somewhere cheep to buy points from if you really want to save money the best way is to find someone who gets a store discount.

This is costing me less than £8
for anyone living in the uk tesco's online sell points cheaper than most places

Bnet3433721d ago

They said I think 20 levels.

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Imallvol73721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Still too rich for my blood. Pixel Junk Monsters was 10$. Nuff said.

joemayo763721d ago

totally agree with u on this $10 would be the perfect price for this game

power of Green 3721d ago

Go to pixel Junk threads and talk about Pixel Junk there lol as if there the same games but with different names.

Imallvol73721d ago

still amazed at the number of people who are always willing to defend paying for things. You really think that 15$ for a live arcade game is good?

Bnet3433721d ago

Yes, depending what kind of game it is. Don't get me wrong I would of loved this game to be $10, but it's a big ambitious game.

Dick Jones3721d ago

99% of everything at $10 bucks is crap, 100% at $5. You have a better shot at getting a good game so far if its priced at 15. Now for any mathematician who may be reading this post... hyperbole is gently being used in any figure above.

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solidsnakus3721d ago

first hour purchase for me, im really happy its not 20$ as it once was rumored.

multipayer3721d ago

I was almost sure it would have been 1600 points, I think I'll just go ahead and buy braid now.. My 7300 points from Target's sale need to go somewhere.
It won't be so easy getting rid of them when I own a PS3 for Street Fighter 2 HD and such.

predator3721d ago

still havent got GW2, Braid or Bionic Commando...dont know which one to get

projectile3721d ago

Get all those three, i'm only holding out on castle crashers. Have not heard to much about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.