Gamasutra- SCEA's Steinberg On Enticing PS3 Adoption Through 'Comfort Brands'

Gamasutra reports:

''We've been talking to Sony about the nuts and bolts of its oft-stated -- but rarely-scrutinized -- 10-year plan for the PlayStation 3, first discussing the company's hardware strategy. But what about software?

Sony Computer Entertainment of America product marketing VP Scott Steinberg has said that he hopes the PlayStation 2, already wrapping up its promised decade, will act as something of a gateway to expand PS3 adoption. On the hardware end, Sony's banking on fondness for the DualShock controller and interface synergies with the PSP to foster affinity for its console -- still new in the grand scheme of the 10-year plan.

As for software, Steinberg says that, with some of the platform's more key franchises on PS2 being folded into the $19 "Greatest Hits" label, more users will embrace franchises like SOCOM and Metal Gear Solid, and follow their sequels onto PS3.''

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Harry1903770d ago

''The PSP will also play a role in aiding the crossover, Steinberg says -- whereas the PS2 was "dominant" over the handheld, "I think the PSP and the PS3 will be an actual relationship that has interoperability... we've got a lot of great ideas around on how to make that extraordinarily cool."

They already started it with Remote Play. I wish to see even more of this 'interoperability' between the PSP and PS3. This could be really groundbreaking.

As for the PSN Store, if they really want to compete with LIVE,they absolutely NEED to make PSN Cards available everywhere. Direct credit card transactions and linking you r bank account to PSN is cumbersome and acts as a deterrent for many many people. They need to make it easier. I for one cannot get access to it even though I really want to get some of the things on the Store. It's just that when it comes to direct online transactions,I am extremely cautious,even a little paranoid. I'm sure many people feel the same way.

The Greatest hits/Platinum titles always worked great too. Actually, I will be getting Warhawk because of the rice drop and I am eagerly anticipating for more to come in this list.

Greatest hits for PS2 also works great for me.

10 year plan,here we come.

gtafan3770d ago

Shopping online is the same as shopping inside a store. If you know how to protect yourself online you don't have anything to worry about. I've been doing it for almost 10years without any problems.

Harry1903770d ago

you see, is that I simply can't get past those worries. It's probably safe but PSN Cards would provide me with that feeling of being a little more secure. I know if I got those it would be far easier for me in many ways. I'm a little old school,heh.

Common Sense3770d ago

10 year life cycle is a great idea.
When support for the Ps2 is dropped in 2010, there will be a massive exodus from the Ps2 to the PS3.

Killjoy30003770d ago

This guy's name coincides with his external image a little...But...
Doesn't this guy look like a hybrid Frankenstein? lol Just had to have one of those stupid comment moments.

Cajun Chicken3770d ago

I think he looks like an older Eddie Munster :D

Cajun Chicken3770d ago

As for software, Steinberg says that, with some of the platform's more key franchises on PS2 being folded into the $19 "Greatest Hits" label, more users will embrace franchises like SOCOM and Metal Gear Solid, [and follow their sequels onto PS3.]

["Those comfort brands are great messages to PS2 owners looking for games and brands they're familiar with but are upgraded for the new tech,"] says Steinberg.

[PS3 sequels, he says, will be "built to show off brands that were mainstays on the PS2."] At the same time, Sony knows it needs to balance the so-called "comfort brands" with new IP like LittleBigPlanet and Resistance that focus on, leveraging what Sony sees as the platform's "competitive advantage" in tech.

[That's how I take those words.] :D

Harry1903770d ago

to go back to its roots. Get rid of the weapons,less harsh environments and characters,melodious music,colours,brightness,inspi red level design,emphasis on platform play and be more 'poetic'. Just to be great.

Cajun Chicken3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

If they can do it in a R&C:ToD way, yeah. But I sort of enjoyed the traveling across lands to do certain missions in the later Jaks.
I think the dark/light powers were overkill, but I quite liked the weapons, the cool morph gun and the character of Sig.

To this day Jak2 is one of my favourite games to play over, because of its variety on gameplay having crazily merged a platformer and a sandbox game together, giving Jak a voice and angered teenager personality and it still, strangely worked. How many other platform games have you heard about that you originally set out for cold blooded revenge? It was a little bit of a role reversal too, because all of a sudden, Daxter became the responsible one whilst Jak went guns-a-blazing, unlike the first game.

Either way, it's bound to be made by Naughty Dog (if it is being made) and well, basically, they don't make rubbish/average games, never have, don't see they ever will. I don't see it being Jak 3.5 like Jak 3 was almost like an expansion for '2. Besides Jak's anger has almost dissipated now since 3&X, there's no real reason for him to still be angry.

And yeah, Mutato Musika on board FTW.