The 3DS and PSVita – Why Pick A Side?

As anyone in the industry can probably tell you, the Nintendo 3DS has demolished Sony’s PSVita, at least if ThoseGamers looks at sales figures. The 3DS has sold over 50 million units whereas the PSVita trails behind with a meager 12 million. The 3DS is clearly the handheld with the larger life expectancy and install base, ensuring there will be no shortage of first and third party games for prospective buyers. Afterall, Sony has stopped supporting the Vita with first party titles.

With that in mind, why would anyone buy a Vita when the 3DS exists? On the surface, that seems like a legitimate question. The PSVita has been all but condemned by the mainstream gaming press and fanfare for Sony’s little handheld is relegated to forum posts and lesser known publications and YouTuber’s. Appreciation of the Vita comes down to a very specific audience.

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NukaCola1122d ago

Both systems are good. I think the 3DS is on a decline now as well. Maybe the handheld market is finally dying down. The 3DS hasn't really delivered much in quality in a couple years. The Vita has limited first party now, but their indi and second party line up still is good.

I love Worlds of Final Fantasy is coming but Square never does cross buy so I'll probably just get that on PS4. I still am playing some Vita titles and some 3DS games, but less and less I am afraid.

Darkwatchman1122d ago

I'm playing games on my 3ds and vita more now because my life has gotten busier and I don't always have the time to sink hours into a long gaming session at home in the comfort of a nice big TV or monitor without being disturbed. I have plenty of games on both vita and 3ds I have yet to buy because there's so many games releasing on everything that you'll never have the time for everything and recently, I've been playing through Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold on 3DS and Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita. Both released this year in August. Both still have plenty of games coming in the future, but they won't be the big-name games. You'll have to go a little more out of your way to find out about some of them, but they're there.

1122d ago Replies(1)

I love my ps vita,but i just wish the system had an L2&R2 button and no touch pad on the back

Junebug1122d ago

Owning both is great! :-)

Darkwatchman1122d ago

Yes it is. 2 great dungeon crawlers released on both in the same month in August and I only just got around to playing them in the past month or so and it has been a wonderful time owning both systems and not regretting a thing. I get the best of both. Handhelds need more love in general. Not just the Vita.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1122d ago

I have both and I have been playing 3DS way more. I haven't touch my Vita much at all this year. Last year was better though.

Darkwatchman1122d ago

*cough* dungeon travelers 2 *cough* certainly one the best handheld rpg's I've ever played. I think vita has a very good 2016 coming with stuff like world of final fantasy, the receny confirms localizations of God eater and God eater 2, and some other games I can't remember off the type of my head that I wrote down as soon as I learned of their existence.

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