DirectX 12 RPCS3 PS3 Emulator - New Video Shows Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Running In Full Speed

The DX12 version of the most promising Playstation 3 emulator, RPCS3, seems to be progressing nicely. YouTube’s ‘John GodGames’ has shared a new video, showing Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice running in full speed.

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DarkOcelet2652d ago

It is awesome indeed. I wanna see if the emulator will be able to handle The Last Of Us or God Of War 3. And GTX 970 is a beasty card, not as beast at a Titan X or 980 ti but its still a damn good card.

I wonder what will be the minimum req for the emu.

Hoffmann2652d ago

Just spoke with a friend about it via twitter (I am @GameArtHq btw.)

Hope the emulator is able to play D3 at full speed completely in a year maybe. I have that game on PS3 but you know, Disgaea games are just perfect to play when I make a pause from my website work for a couple of minutes. I also wonder if it might be possible to pirate that old $50 DLC for D3. Would love to do that, except they will release D3 for PC anyway and include the dlc

xfiles20992652d ago

Geez buy a PS3 and the games you cheap bastards lol

DarkOcelet2652d ago


I already have a PS3 and i already own the games i wanted to play :/

I want the emu because of the features that could be included like MSAA, 60FPS, Higher Resolution etc etc etc.

Crimzon2652d ago

What about people who have a lot of digital PS3 purchases but don't want to have a PS3 hooked-up to their TV forever? I've already paid for the games, so I don't see what's cheap about running them via emulator on PC so that I don't have to have a whole bunch of video game consoles sat underneath my TV.

The same goes for older gen games for SNES, PS2 & GameCube etc. because there's no way I was going to keep those consoles lying around forever, but occasionally I feel like revisiting F-Zero GX, Killer 7 or Yoshi's Island etc. I swear the people who have mountains of consoles and games laying around must still be living in their mothers basement or something.

BattleAxe2652d ago

So if some guy in his basement can emulate PS3 games on a PC, why can't we get Sony and their army of Engineers to do this on PS4?

2651d ago
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Dabigsiebowski2652d ago

Congratulations on waiting years to play these games! Let alone the true AAA exclusives :)

MadLad2652d ago

Why do people think PC gamers don't already have consoles?
We just enjoy the idea of owning the superior versions of almost any game we play.

Emulation allows for that in a world where people are paying premiums for digital versions of games they own, let alone remasters that don't even offer what emulation does.

Don't worry about us. We pay, like, 5 grand for our rigs or something. We can certainly afford these consoles and the handful of games they offer.

SunnyZ2652d ago

Hopefully one day I will be able to play Red Dead Redemption!

Hoffmann2652d ago

You could always just buy a PS3 and the game though. What prevents you from doing it now?

2651d ago
2651d ago

That's amazing the future looks bright for PC gaming


And before the naysayers start yapping I already own a ps3

Hoffmann2652d ago

Let's paint our PC's like a golden calb and dance around them already ;)

Gwiz2652d ago

Some games will be difficult to emulate,i highly doubt this means you're going to get GoWIII at decent FR as PS2 games are equally difficult to emulate.
I expected this to happen years ago,but when really analyzing the inner working of a PS3 it's very unlikely you can emulate this on a mid range PC.

Crimzon2652d ago

When PS2 emulation just began it required incredibly powerful hardware because there was zero optimization.

As time went by and it was optimized however, the requirements for running the emulator went down fast. The same will happen with PS3 and 360 emulation as the developers of the emulators gradually figure out how to make it run more efficiently. Bear in mind a mid-range PC these days is absolutely lightyears ahead of the PS3, once things are optimized they'll be able to handle PS3 emulation easily.

Gwiz2652d ago

There is a difference between the 360 and PS3,not to mention me saying decent FR.The SPE's in a PS3 operate in a very unconventional way just like the PS2's multi processor does.

They're able to run,yes.... But it's far from optimal even with PS2 games.

Crimzon2652d ago

Dude you can emulate PS2 games on a toaster at this point lol. Most people jack the resolutions and framerates up higher than they ever were originally and even add in higher-res textures and ENB effects on top, far surpassing what the PS2 hardware was ever capable of.

Seriously, I know some people have some weird pride about the PS3 architecture and how unconventional it is but you're kidding yourself if you don't think PCs will be able to emulate it just fine once development progresses on the emulator and things are optimized.

I3loggs242651d ago

The reason why this is happening now and not years ago, is because of the capabilities of DX12, give it 6 more months and i bet we will have Gears of War running at 1440p @ 60fps.

rainslacker2651d ago

This is a pretty good start though. The PS2 and PS1 emulators weren't this far along this early. Power requirements are beefy, but I give props to the people making the emulator making it work as well as they have to date.

It takes time though. Lots of nuances have to be accounted for, and sometimes those aren't even known until someone tries a game in it and runs across them.

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