Worthplaying Review: Big Beach Sports

WP reports:

''It seems like not a week goes by when another pretender of Wii Sports is released, trying to suck up the loose bits of cash floating around the pockets of unaware gamers who think that the poseur title will surely be enough to help them get by until Wii Sports Resort makes its debut. This week, the game that's trying to cash in is Big Beach Sports, and you would do well to stay far, far away.

At first glance, Big Beach Sports seems promising. It features six different events (bocce ball, cricket, disc golf, football, soccer and volleyball), and the manual makes the controls seem so simple that anyone could just pick up a Wiimote and start having a blast. Things continue to look up as you create your own character. While the game itself offers a fairly wide variety of pre-built characters, those with a DS can create and customize their own beachgoer via a wireless connection, and proceed to make an avatar just as crazy and out-there as possible. You can tinker with your character's brows, ears, eyes, mouth and nose, and the variety of drawing tools and colors means that if you can dream it, you can pretty much do it. With these promising experiences, I was downright excited to get into my first event and see what the game had to offer; it was the last time I would ever feel any joy playing Big Beach Sports.''

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