FIFA 09 Gets Rockin' Hop'n Bumpin' With New Soundtrack

WorthPlaying writes: "With over 250 additions and enhancements to core gameplay, FIFA 09 has been designed and customized to deliver a unique gameplay experience that takes advantage of the hardware specifications of each available platform. This year's soundtrack includes debut tracks from Italian electro-funk artist Caesar Palace, UK rockers Kasabian, and Artwerk Music Group's international sensation Datarock, as well as exclusives from French hip-hop phenomenon Soprano and a new track by Tom Jones remixed by Junkie XL."

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okcomputer3720d ago

Yea, fifa soundtracks are always good, with great bands from all over the world. They even had radiohead one year. Fifa consistently puts terrible madden soundtracks to shame year in and year out.

Harry1903720d ago

Ever since Fifa 2000 they had great soundtracks. They often have certain exclusive songs a few weeks before they are released. I heard that in the Bonus Round on Gametrailers. It forms part of their marketing campaign since they are targeting a very specific demographic and because games have a big advantage over the radio as a medium.

Everytime I launch Fifa 08 I hear this great Keane or RadioHead song and I want to get the album. It is really good.

enjoi1873720d ago

i still play fifa 06 and hear new songs every time i cant wait till 09