Uncharted 4’s Multiplayer Is Pretty Good, Actually

8BC says, "So what’s a typical match like in the multiplayer beta? One moment you might find yourself in a tense, but relatively civilized, one-on-one sniper battle, and in the next, your allies are swinging in, somebody drops a mini-gun toting brute in the middle of everything, mystical curses start flying back and forth, and just to top it off, somebody pulls out an RPG and brings about all kinds of explosive punctuation. That intense, strategic cover based combat, mixed with the total insanity of the running, jumping, and punching of Uncharted is exactly what last week’s beta showcases in all it’s glory."

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I-Hate-usernames2596d ago

I dont really care that much for multiplayer. All i care for is enjoyable single-player mode with decent story. I see the multiplayer section of the games as bonus only.

Noahmtodd2596d ago

Definitely thinks that is what many really see it as. It'll be a great single-player experience regardless, but I'll take a good MP as a bonus too.

Aloy-Boyfriend2596d ago

I'm going to put lots of hrs into this multiplayer like I did with TLOU. Loved the Beta!

heedstone2596d ago

It's nice that it's good, but barely anyone's going to play it really. Same with The Last of Us. They'd be much better focusing on their awesome single player adventures - nobody buys a Naughty Dog game for the multiplayer!

Rimeskeem2596d ago

Well, if they didn't put in a MP I'm guessing people would be like

"60 $ for story only, booooo"

"they are milking us"

"this will have no replay ability"

and anyways, TLOU and Uncharted 2 MP were really good.

ThatGuyDart2595d ago

You couldn't be anymore right.

VerminSC2595d ago

My brother isn't into single player games but after playing the beta he is picking up uncharted 4 for the multiplayer. He liked it that much

Master-H2595d ago

Speak for yourself, buddy. I played tons of TLOU mp on both ps3 and ps4.

Genuine-User2595d ago

The MP beta was absolutely fantastic.

Ezz20132595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I never played a MP in my life
maybe i will give this MP a try.

Genuine-User2595d ago

That's good. You will most probably enjoy it if you're into third person shooters.

nix2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

I've also never been a fan of MPs, then i got Warhawk. That game was like a crack. Then i played lot's of Killzone 2 MP. I probably must have played few MP matches on UC2. Whatever i played was good. I feel UC4 MP should be good.

Omar912595d ago

Why can't they make a Warhawk remaster :/ that is my most played MP game of all time

Ezz20132595d ago

My favorite genre is Third person view
my fovrite game of all time is TLOU
ND is my favorite developer ever.

So yeah I love Third person view games.

VerminSC2595d ago

I wish naughty dogs multiplayer was as popular as games like call of duty. I enjoy them way more

TwoForce2595d ago

Uncharted 4 MP is so good.

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