360 achievement points sold on eBay

While searching through eBay this week, Den of Geek stumbled upon something even more perplexing than the existence of wasps - people 'selling' Xbox achievement points

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disrupt3r3717d ago

Whoever buys this will officially be the biggest loser on earth to date.

Actually, whoever thinks having a high gamerscore is impressive, is also very lame. Impressing other nerds with points isn't cool guys, sorry.

Marcello3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Total saddo`s

Some ppl just wont learn, its not in the winning its in the doing.

Winning isnt everything & losing isnt all nothing.

MazzingerZ3717d ago

They also sell leveled up Halo accounts...what's the point?...I can picture those kids buying that and getting owned in 2 seconds LOL

SixZeroFour3717d ago

im seeing this in a different angle...while most, if not all, of you are thinking that this is about the seeing this as him trying to get profit AND a new gamertag account

he wants the email and email password to supposedly only let him recover the gamertag to his xbox...but what is stopping him from changing the password for the email once he has it...THEN he will have your email (with personal contacts/other passwords/etc) and your gamertag w/ whatever time your have left with your gold membership (if you have gold)

seeing as how he can easily change the password to the email account (and secret question) you wont be able to recover it back to your own xbox

either way...i feel real sorry for anyone that falls into these scams for the pride points...ive only got 1700 or so

cwir3717d ago

@MrAnonymous - You're absolutely right, this is the first thing I thought after I read the article. I would stop reading this ebay ad right after I'd see "give me your email login and password".

And as nice as this article is to read, I'm surprised that the author didn't say a word about the possibility of a scam. I know it wasn't about that but still...

Here's a thought: I can see people paying harcore gamers to come over to their houses and actually play on their consoles. It's still lame and I'd never do it myself but makes more sense. Someone might actually learn something :)

The Lazy One3716d ago

I am auctioning off me making you 1 million dollars.

All you have to send me is your SSN, your CC number, and a copy of your birth certificate.

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Evil Rant Monkey3717d ago

and saw somebody auctioning several accounts with 22000 gamerscore for $10. Couldn't believe it. Aren't achievements supposed to be unlocked when YOU reach a particular goal.

thebudgetgamer3717d ago

its the grind of unlocking stuff that i enjoy. it would be deflating to take what someone else did and claim it as your own. its the same as having your big brother to pass a level for you. your past it but its not the same as actualy doing it yourself

dro3717d ago

hahahaha....u can now officaly sell anything and i mean "anything" on ebay, i wonder if u will start seeing trophyes for sell XD

DX F3NIX3717d ago

I'm pretty sure people are already selling their trophies on ebay.

Spydiggity3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

achievements and trophies work the same way, so if you can sell one, i'm sure you can sell the other.

just not sure who brags about their gamescore so much that they need to buy points. I can understand wanting to show off your accomplishments but what happens when someone says "oh you got [insert achievement here], how'd you get that??" and you can either tell the truth or say "i don't remember." kinda defeats the purpose.

I never understood why people buy WoW accounts either.

ape0073717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

what haha


the fun of this whole achievements or trophies thing is that you earn it yourself,it's like a badge of honor

buying it is just retard

the best achievement that I've ever earned in my life is THE HIGH MILE CLUB ACHIEVEMENT IN CALL OF DUTY 4

you feel like a real champion when you unlock it

I got 1000 points in cod 4 and still waiting for more to come

we want an update infinity ward

gta_cb3717d ago

i am the same, i finished the game and got the full 1000/1000 achievements in about 3 days of buying it on morning of launch, the funny thing is once i got the whole 1000/1000 i kept getting messages asking for help =p

bring an update IW =D

gta_cb3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

well i know there is a way of finding out when achievements where unlocked if you are online at the time of playing and i was online all the time i was playing so feel free to have a look at my profile, if your disagreeing with the asking for help, i cant prove it because the messages automatically delete after a month but i could prob say a few names on my friends list who have asked me so stop being jelous.

just checked my profile and i was wrong, i didnt get all the achievements in 3days because once i had completed the game i didnt bother getting all the intel until a couple days later.

sak5003717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Same here, but it took me 2 or 3 days to get the mile high club and was frustrating as hell to say the least. But one of the best ones i've done so far. I'm still at 750 or so points as i gv up on last few levels on vetern since they were already very hard on hardend and i cant waste so much time and effort again. I'm happy with BF:BC for now.

ape0073717d ago

one of the hardest levels ever in the game is

no fighting in the war room

it's gonna make throw your controller ot of the window

it's really hard

I hope IW released trophies update for ps3 so can more ps3 oweners enjoy it :)

Julia Bond3716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

i earned the mile high club achievement in real life ;)...wonder if i can sell that on ebay



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