SCANS and Info About the Batman: Arkham Asylum Game

Slashgamer has found scans of the Game Informer coverage of the new Batman Game, and god does it look good. The Graphics look a lot like Bioshock, I guess GI wasn't lying. :-p

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SuperGuido3722d ago

Found? Heh....Hey I found this film on internet so it must be free right ;)

Still, it's nice for those of us outside of the GI delivery zone to get a peek but I can't see them being too happy about those being online and they probably won't be very long.

So look fast because it's worth it! The Joker has a Jack Nicholson look to him in some of those shots...and is that Bane?!

Silogon3722d ago

Now that is Batman! Dark Knight, while alright, is not Batman to me. He's action man in a suit that kind of looks like Batmans. This game has an art style that I dig. This is the game!

rockleex3721d ago

The Dark Knight may not have felt like Batman to you. But that was the only approach they could take. All the other Batman movies felt like jokes.

It may stray from the traditional Batman a little bit... but I, and millions of other people, love the new path it is taking.

By the way, The Dark Knight is one of the best movies released this year. It's definitely going to win awards.

Rute3721d ago

A movie needn't be uninspiring in order to avoid being a joke. I really liked the Dark Knight, but I also felt that it lacked personality. Arkham Asylum, on the other hand, seems to have tons of personality, but the style is far from a joke.

As for graphic novel films, Sin City is one of my favourites. It's both disturbing and over the top cool.

Nitrowolf23721d ago

it looks good i just hope it doesnt dissapoint

hazeblaze3721d ago

Well... from the scans alone, it already looks better than any other Batman game that has come out before it. Still, I know what you mean... hopefully the gameplay lives up to the visuals. We should not go through an entire decade without having a decent Batman or Superman game!!! Seems like those would be easy targets for great games.

InMyOpinion3721d ago

Looks like it's using Epic's Unreal engine. Very nice indeed.

Sheddi3721d ago

exactly what i was thinking.

Bazookajoe_833721d ago

There are alot of games using Ut3 engine and still looks like crap, there are only a few that can pull of some great graphics with it...

InMyOpinion3721d ago

True, it's funny how some people criticize the engine itself and not the developers using it.

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Silogon3721d ago

The only thing I fear about this game is it seems to be taking too many pages from DARK TOMORROW and that's not good. The one location is probably going to hurt the game in the end, just like it did in BATMAN DT.

We'll see, though. I'm amped after seeing the pics but I wish someone else would snag the IP for Batman like one of Sony's internal studios. The quality would be through the roof.

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