Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Combat Still Looks Turn Based

Johnny Hurricane from Gamers Heroes writes "Everyone has been freaking out about the combat system in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake ever since the new trailer launched. We took another look at the trailer and actually think the game will still be turn based but with more active movement."

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CaptainCamper2604d ago

To be honest, I feel as though that would be the perfect compromise.

Retain the tactical elements of the turn-based combat with the original but embrace more active movement to entertain the more active-combat fans.

derkasan2604d ago

I agree. It'll manage to stay fresh this way.

CaptainCamper2604d ago

Yeah. Could you imagine today's typical younger gamer responding to 2D style turn-based combat? :D

SaveMeJebus2603d ago

If that was the case I would take back everything bad I said about the new combat and insert my foot into mouth. I really hope you're right, that would be awesome. Now, about being episodic...

indysurfn2603d ago

I agree, it can stay fresh. Heck when I first tried a turn based game by accident I was a action rpg only fan. Then Lunar the silver star story turned me straight up 100% turn based.

I have seen plenty of impatient teens, and preteens fall for turn based. Their brains didn't stop working.

Jalva2604d ago

Why not just include both? You can choose which one you want to use in the options menu, everybody wins.

Outside_ofthe_Box2604d ago

I'm pretty sure that isn't easy task to do, developing a game with two completely different styles of gameplay in mind is not an easy thing to do and not to mention would more or less double the development time.

die_fiend2604d ago

Why not make 2 completely different fighting systems? You know that making games costs money right?

rainslacker2603d ago

A simple wait command if they're using ATB would be sufficient. That was implemented in a few of the FF games.

To OP,

FFXIII tried to be a hybrid turn based/action RPG, and I think it failed at both. Seems that would be a logical way to implement this system here, but it would need a ton of refinement to appease both parties.

Otherwise, I doubt it's going to matter that much in the end, because if people are so hung up on that aspect of the game as to not buy it if it's one or the other, I question if they are really even fans. The battle system isn't what made FF7 so great, it was just one aspect of a greater whole. The genre is rather inconsequential to the overall product so long as it's fun.

indysurfn2603d ago

The balancing of the game would have to be done twice! I't's hard enough to do it right once! But if you can get them to do it that would be the optimum! THAT is the ONLY way to please but the turn based and the action based with one game. I'm not saying it would be easy. Just that it would be the closest thing to a perfect solution. I have dreamed (key word there) of owning a company that does that for years.

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the_mack_attack32603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

I liked the combat system in Final Fantasy 12, if they went down that route I would be very happy.

strike1012603d ago

maybe it all depends on how well received at how many units will FFXV be

if it flops SE will go back turned based , if it sells well action RPG it is

btw AFAIK the best selling FF games were all Turn Based

showtimefolks2603d ago

If it's turned based I am not interested. I don't see square Enix going with turned based to be honest

Maybe they should have it like dragon age, where you can go all action real time or be more tactical

_-EDMIX-_2603d ago

Agreed. That is what I've been telling folks for a long time, we don't even know how many times your able to strike and you likely have something like the ATB were you have a bar or something that limits your movements.

The concept of turned based doesn't really mean the game must have non free range movement, its why the director stated its not all action and they still have more to say regarding it.

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vork772603d ago

it controls like kingdom hearts man

Blackcanary2603d ago

Not fully since in kingdom hearts you can not control Donald and Goofy. But in this you will have full control of your other characters in battle.

_-EDMIX-_2603d ago

Nope. Its been confirmed by the director that you don't need any technical skill to actually do any attacks as its not solely based on that, ie KH or even DMC.

I-Hate-usernames2604d ago

Would be cool if they give the option to switch between turn based combat and real time combat. Everyone will be happy.

CaptainCamper2604d ago

Wouldn't that be incredibly hard to balance? I'd imagine taking on Ruby Weapon would be far more difficult in a real-time combat setting :D

NovusTerminus2604d ago

They could do it the same way it was done in Dissidia.

I-Hate-usernames2604d ago

Yeah its too hard but they announced that it will be multiseries game. They cut the game into multipart so why the hell not include two different combat type in the game. It will also increase the game length and replay ability. You know finish the game with turn based combat then come back to the game and try real time combat :) its hard but its really awesome :)

indysurfn2603d ago

Oh yeah I forgot about that game. You can get it on a tablet now with a sweet screen size. Try getting a galaxy tab S2 and downloading dissidia for 7.99 sweet! Now lunch time will be WAY to short.

Moe-Gunz2604d ago

This is why I love Transistor's combat system so much.

no_more_heroes2604d ago

I saw a comment (don't remember where) that said it could be something like Grandia 2. Saw some gameplay (never heard of Grandia) and I like the idea.

Relientk772604d ago

If it is like Grandia 2 that would be amazing

princejb1342604d ago

doesn't look turn based to me. Looks very kingdom heart ish.
On another note how can cloud skinny arms hold that big sword up

_-EDMIX-_2603d ago

No one has seen much to even state if turns exist or don't exist. The game can still have a turn system, ie not being able to attack for a period in time.

Look at FFXII for example. Though you can pause and do your actions, you can also just press a button to do them, though it could be action base, it still had a turn system, ie you couldn't unless your at a high level, just instant kill someone, you still have a cool down, turn system etc.

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