Hot Babes in World of Warcraft Costumes

Not many games draw so much attention. World of Warcraft manages to constantly reach into the real world. This time hot chicks in WoW-Costumes during one of the many conventions. Check them out!

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LossTheEarthbreaker3715d ago

Man, if I need to look at hot chicks scantily-clad, I look at

Otherwise, I tend to avoid this.

I haven't seen the article, but was intrigued as to what these comments could possibly be.

I played the game for 150+ days in-game. That's no less than 3600 hours. That's also entirely too long.

Anything with WoW in or related to it should die and be burnt to the ground if anyone ever reaches 50 days played.

YoMeViet3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

lay off the hot WoW cosplay chicks! >.<

Irishrocket693716d ago

At least that Soul Caliber dude isn't here!

ferdus-hutki-shira3716d ago


wrld of geek craft i think is for nerds. SUPER NERDS

Tomdc3716d ago

so do I, but I still like to look at pictures of hot girls not matter wat they are wearing (in fact if they are wearin... =P)

im a teenage boy =P wat do u expect?

testii3716d ago

wow is a game like any other game, if they are super nerds then so are you.

bunbun7773716d ago (Edited 3716d ago )

Super Nerds? Come on now- while I will have to hand it to you that a good portion of WoW players have spouted sublimely stupid comments such as yours, there are quite a few "normal" folks playing, just as the players in all other games. Why are you so put off with WoW, did it shoot your pa?

EDIT--- and those girls are hawtee hawtness.

gta_cb3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

i have a level 70 and doing quite well, if you met me in real life there is no way you would call me a nerd.

on topic nice pics =p


oh i see a disagree.
first i do have a level 70 if you dont believe that then actually show who you are and i will give you a link to its profile.

if you met me in real life and called me a nerd to be honest you would prob feel a bit stupid because i obviously am not.

and the pics are nice =p no one can disagree with that =)

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N00BZSUCKASS3715d ago

look deeply into my crotch

AAACE53715d ago

I have no interest in the game... But I like what I saw!!!

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