Brit Gamers Are World Champions

A team of British gamers have been named the best in the world - and now they are calling for the sport to be included in the Olympics.

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Megaton3808d ago

Calling it a sport is bad enough. Insisting that it's considered for the Olympics is just plain old insulting.

Congrats on the win, but seriously, no.

Tomdc3808d ago

i concur, as a brit having a "worlds best gaming team" does not make me proud like a british guy/gal winning any olympic sport would.

kevnb3808d ago

chess should be included first.

SlyGuy3808d ago

Videogames? are you kidding me?


What next? DogSh*t cleaning should be in the Olympics! You should see how fast I can shovel that crap and wash it down a drain.

Ice2ms3808d ago

Nice how much did they win ? i think it should have been more publisised (sp?) I mean it was on SkyOne at about 12 and SkyTwo (most people dont have SkyTwo) I saw bits and pieces of it looked good except for the fact there is only 5 rounds.

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The story is too old to be commented.