Dead Rising reanimating on PS3?

The official story: "Dead Rising: Chop 'til You Drop coming for the Wii!"--Tight-lipped and promotion-minded Capcom senior communications director Chris Kramer.

What we heard: Last Friday, Diamonon posted the latest in a series of behind-the-scenes looks at Bionic Commando Rearmed to the PlayStation Blog, and in a display of dedication to the message, spent the weekend posting personal replies to nearly every commenter. On Sunday night, a user going by the name renanbianchi posted a note applauding Capcom for its support of the PlayStation 3 and begging for a new installment of Dead Rising.

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clintos593719d ago

I dont want a lousy port like they did with lost planet. Instead of trying to give left over crap ports why not just give us a new Onimusha. :P

Fat Princess3719d ago

Was Dawn of Dreams any good? I played all the others and thought they were amazing but I never got to play DoD.

clintos593719d ago

Hells yeah it was not only good, I thought it was the best out of them all. Awesome game man. I played all of them aswell and even though I did love Jubei, I got to say that Soki the main character on onimusha dawn of dreams was peer bad a$$. Also the other characters were awesome aswell. If u havent played it I say grab it, it is an awesome game especially if u enjoyed the others. This one will not dissappoint.

RealityCheck3719d ago

I agree clintos59, bubbles. I would rather like to see a new Onimusha game.

Zerodin3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Isn't happening.
And since when did a blog message board post = confirmation!
Wow Sony droids are So desperate!
Remember how well Lost Planet sold?

CrazzyMan3719d ago

around 350k
probably will reach over 500k LTD.
for a port, which uses same engine, is very good number.

anyway, does it hurts you? =))

Ali_The_Brit3719d ago

haha xbots said that Bioshock wouldnt happen

and now whats happening?

where getting a better version

Improved graphics, added gameplay youl never see, all the DLC you guys had to pay for included on the disk, home support, trophy support
= xbox owned

theKiller3719d ago

i have to agree with u!!

theKiller3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

because they saw how low the animation on the 360 version and not enough animation can fit in in one DVD.
so now they r taking the advantage of the blue ray and ps3 power!!

very logical decision if u ask me bots(why there is bots in ps3 section??)!

why so serious??

weeee heeee heeee

InMyOpinion3719d ago

In other words - "More 360 leftovers coming your way".

XxZxX3719d ago

i'll take any left over, so XBOX 360 doesnt really have any big exclusive, if the left over exclusives keep coming to PS3 eventually.

What will end up is PS3 first party will be very strong and great game library. XBOX 360 just got another 6 feet deeper.

SixTwoTwo3719d ago

They're probably not going to port the original but with the current 3rd party trends, its almost a given that the sequel will be a cross platform game.

titntin3719d ago

It's a pretty tenuous link! But I'm excited to hear we'll see more of this IP. I loved the first one, even if I did wish there were more save points, and I'd be delighted to play another Zombie fest on any machine it cares to appear on! :)

kevnb3719d ago

you actually had to worry about dying, which I haven't worried about since the snes days.

titntin3719d ago

Well you have a point there! I certainly cared when I died!

RealityCheck3719d ago

I agree that it should have had more save points. For people wanting to prove their superior gaming skills, they can decide not to save and play the entire game without saving.

As long as it is not automatic checkpoints but player initiated saves, it's a nice option to have for any game. Then a game can caters to both end of the player spectra.

Sometimes, I just don't have the luxury of long playing sessions or I get interrupted, being able to save often is much welcomed.

kevnb3719d ago

I know what you mean, but I hate how you get a save point every two seconds in newer games. In some games, such as Bioshock it doesn't even matter if you die anymore (System Shock 2 was much better btw).

RealityCheck3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

@kevnb, I understand that's why I specified that it shouldn't be automatic checkpoints. In Bioshock it was automatic, they should have had a screen that popped up and asked "continue\respawn or reload from last save point?"

And I agree that System Shock 2 was better.

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