Soul Calibur 4 Fans Create Famous Characters

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ice_prophecy5518d ago

I gotta find me some guides hahaha.

that looks fun!

SuperNova19955518d ago

that ronald mcdonald is really creepy.

theKiller5518d ago

make Cloud!!
why didnt anybody did it yet?? Cloud with a huge sword will be so cool!!

or the most realistic and bad ass character is Gutz from berserk!! if somebody make that guy with his huge sword, he will own the rest!!

Fat Princess5518d ago

Cloud is all about the hair and they've got nothing that even comes close to matching it.

ice_prophecy5518d ago

that and his amazingly huge blade. there is nothing that resembles the buster sword.

theKiller5518d ago

or else it will be canceled, i think its a great story :D

theKiller5518d ago (Edited 5518d ago )

i liked Auron and Tidus from FF10 also Dante from devil may cry!!

they should make more FF character and anime!! i cant wait to see Gutz!

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ice_prophecy5518d ago

This is so fun! I just copied 3 of their characters!

cr33ping_death5518d ago

best looking is Auron the weakest looking is the Joker.