Japanese Xbox360 sold out?

"Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara is not just a big electronics store in Tokyo, it is one of the (if not the largest) electronics stores in the world. I was there earlier this week and was pretty surprised to see that they had sold out of all versions of the Xbox 360 consoles. Looks like the Japanese have got Tales of Vesperia fever, which was recently released over here."

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power of Green 3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

WTF they get the Sky Blue controllers?, are they in the states, I know somebody that had wished the controllers came in that color so they would match her furnishings and console wrap.

el_bandito3717d ago

Xbox360 sold out? in Japan?!! An oddity indeed.

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SixTwoTwo3717d ago

Couldn't you import them or are they not compatible with US consoles?

SCThor3717d ago

sorry dude.

If you're wondering, PS3 isn't.

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Truplaya3717d ago

@ power of green - Pink and blue controllers are out in the UK. Are you in the states?

Horny3717d ago

they have Sky Blue and Pink Controllers at Gamestop.

So far the colors available in the US are White, Black, Blue, Pink, and SPecial Editions such as Halo.

power of Green 3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

LOL. Strange replies that have nothing to do with what I said.

@1.7... I live in the states and have never seen a Sky Blue controller, the dark blue ones are everywhere.

No big deal guys just never seen a light blue controller, is that really worth dissagree's?.

ozsman3716d ago

In Canada we have the blue,red and pink controllers.

Megatron083716d ago

Well I know a girl that will buy like anything as long as its pink I think its kind of funny I never really cared what color my systems are.

kalle3716d ago

to 1.4

360 is not region lockt. some of the games are but bot the console.

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XboxOZ3603717d ago

P{oor didums, she'll have to buyone from Japan, if she can find one that is.

Mao3717d ago

Finally breaking through and reaching out to the Japanese audience. Took long enough. It'll be interesting to see if Sony can have this same outcome with White Knight Chronicles which is due out before the end of Q1 next year in Japan.

Bangladesh3717d ago

I highly doubt that MS has been making Japan a priority for their shipping for sometime now. It must be doing better than what they thought prior to the TOV release.

predator3717d ago

wonder what sort of impact Infinite Undiscovery and Last Remnent will make...hopefully 360 can keep this going

SixTwoTwo3717d ago

I hope so too. Competition is good for gaming and that region is in need of some. The japanese market has just been over-saturated with casual games and handheld games for a while now. A Sony vs Microsoft war for the japanese living room could be just what the region needs to regain prominence in the gaming world.

yamamoto1143716d ago

There probably won't be as big of a difference with those two since they're original IP's rather than ones that stem from a long series of popular games.

Look at Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, and Lost Odyssey. They kept the 360 afloat for maybe a week after each's release, but it really didn't have much of a lasting impact.

But now that Vesperia propelled the 360 to a much more desirable location, Infinite Undiscovery and Last Remnant will most likely make a much bigger difference than Odyssey and Sonata did. But still not enough to match Vesperia.

I could be wrong though. The Japanese are too unpredictable. <<