Lian Li launches Xbox 360 modding case, says goodbye to RROD

The long-awaited Xbox 360 chassis from Lian Li is finally here, and it'll be formally known as the PC-XB01.

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user8586215161d ago

so u gota buy a console then stick it in dat ridiculous pc case just to enjoy average fps games :S meh!!

Counter_ACT5161d ago

That's what it takes to get £300 worth of games console to work the way it should? Jesus Christ.

Bolts5161d ago

Now the 360 will look like what it really is, a small scale PC. This is small step in the right direction, but the ultimate goal would be a 360 emu. Of course Microsoft would go ape $hit over such a thing but eventually we'll get there.

Shane Kim5161d ago

So that big ugly thing that looks like a spaceship is supposed to be a xbox 360? *Sigh*

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The story is too old to be commented.