Top 10 Must Own PS4 Games

Continuing on with GVN's Top 10 Must Own game series, here are their Top 10 Must Own Games for the PlayStation 4!

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2725d ago
Imortus_san2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Journey - Ps3 game
The Last of Us - Ps3 game
Infamous 2nd Son - played and ended it, weak game at best
Shovel Knight - multiplateform
Resogun - no interest in this crap, give me proper shooters
Bloodborne - have no interest in playing this
Rocket League - multiplateform
Uncharted Collection - Ps3 game
Until Dawn - this one is on my list to test/play
Towerfall Ascension - total crap game

PS4 better up ther games in 2016, having only powered my PS4 to play 4 games this year is ridiculus bad, best game I played on It was Wolfenstein New Order and at this moment I'm playing Wolfenstein Old Blood.

medman2725d ago

This just in.....nobody believes you.

Perjoss2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )


"Bloodborne - have no interest in playing this"

That's a shame as its the best game of 2015.

fenome2725d ago

Exactly what I was thinking..

Imortus_san2722d ago

Not everybody likes those games, I dislike any and every Souls Game, in fact I cant remember the last time I enjoyed a From Software game.