Videogamer: Alpha Protocol First Look Preview

Videogamer writes: "The player, via the generically-named super spy Michael Thornton, is presented with a classic RPG moral conundrum. Extort the weapons dealer, a man who's been selling a lot of big bad guns to a lot of big bad people, then let him go and use him as a black market weapons contact in the future. Arrest him, which would curry favour with the CIA, the organisation which has assigned this mission to Thornton, or blow his brains out because, well, Mike Thornton is a bad ass and this guy has been asking for it.

Nathan Davis, the game's design producer, opens it up to the assembled throng, cobbled together in a tiny room in SEGA's behind closed doors booth at E3 2008. It's obvious what the audience wants. Thornton coldly puts a bullet in the weapons dealer's head. Rekindling memories of Jason Bourne, Daniel Craig's Bond and Tom Cruise in the first, actually pretty decent Mission Impossible film, Thornton starts Alpha Protocol, Obsidian Entertainment's (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2) upcoming secret agent RPG, as a green but very capable agent who ends up embroiled in a world conspiracy after a mission goes horribly wrong. He's a secret agent on the edge, and he's very pissed off."

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