Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII the best RPGs for the PSP

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII explodes onto the PSP platform gracefully shedding some light on perhaps a few unanswered questions and filling in some left over loop holes from the awe-inspiring Final Fantasy VII series which wrought much praise and attention amongst avid RPG fans. More than just solidifying the series and putting the overall storyline into a much greater perspective, this prequel to FFVII which reaches into the past and gives new life to a former Final Fantasy timeline also vaguely reaches into the future expanding on new cutting edge game play mechanics perhaps defining the way future RPGs should be played out.

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theKiller5518d ago

its really good games thats coming close to FF7

Mao5518d ago

Awesome game. Square-Enix deserves praise for Crisis Core. Thank God it didn't turn out like Dirge of Cerberus.

hay5518d ago (Edited 5518d ago )

I like Dirge. It's terrible made, bugged, showing Vincent not as cool as in FF7 but it's decent shooter with not quite impressive story. Damn, it sucks. But I still like it!

Anyways Crisis Core is good game but I expected better story, more mature as it was in FF7.

BTW, isn't "RPGs" plural but Crisis Core is only one?

Rock Bottom5518d ago

Just to show where this article coming from.

iamtehpwn5518d ago

Dirge was actually a really good game concept that seriously lacked polish in the game play department. If it had just spent about 6-12 more months in development dedicated to the gameplay mechanics, it would be a great game.

ice_prophecy5518d ago (Edited 5518d ago )

I enjoyed this title.

I wouldn't mind if they release games of this quality even if it is related to FF7 and not a remake.

I understand the fuss surrounding the desire for a remake. However, I personally would prefer a story adjunct of the same calibre as CC:FF7.

Relcom5518d ago

my attention more than Disgaea. I played that to death.

ice_prophecy5518d ago (Edited 5518d ago )

Oh that was very good too! I am very much looking forward to Makai Senki Disguia 3 XD

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