Game Developer's Response To Pirates

Less than a week ago game developer Cliff 'cliffski' Harris asked his audience of game players to respond to his blog about the causes of piracy. After receiving hundreds of responses through email, blogs and comments left on gaming news sites, he has an answer.

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Dpa3872d ago

Its human nature to take what looks free.

FantasyStar3872d ago

The answer is obvious. The price of games are too high for what you pay for. I'm not gonna pay $60 for a game that'll last like 5-6 hours at most with finicky multiplayer tacked on. If games cost like $20-$30, I'd have no problem paying for something like that. $50 was a sweet spot, but paying $60 per game is just asking to get pirated. Instead of blaming the problem on the people, try shifting the blame on the developers who don't strive to make the $60 worth our time and money. Or are they defending shovelware as well?

cpuchess3872d ago

Because people think stealing is fine and it makes their mommy so proud of them. They wouldn't want anyone stealing from them of course...