Tales of Vesperia Special Edition Complete Details

"Tales of Vesperia" sure has been getting some serious attention. It's one of the few games that managed to actually make the 360 sell out in Japan, and seriously drive the sales of the system with the RPG crowd. Well, Bandai-Namco certainly has taken notice to this and is offering something special to the fans.

Bandai-Namco announced a limited edition of "Tales of Vesperia" today. The special edition will come bundled with several goodies including a soundtrack, which features 25 tracks spanning across the Tales series, an artbook, and a special tin case. Preorders are now being taken for both the standard and limited edition of the game. The standard version will be $59.99 and the limited edition will be $69.99. Make sure to reserve yours soon, the game releases August 26th.

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ass_divine3716d ago

I'm hoping the limited edition comes to Europe!

Mao3716d ago

That has me tempted to put aside my fear of faulty hardware issues and buy the 20GB 360 at its reduced price. There are some good JRPGs coming for the 360, it's good to see some dedicated dev/publishing for Microsoft's console.

That said, I should be okay with Disgaea 3 (obviously), Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata on PS3 for the rest of the year. I guess after that it comes down to Infinite Undiscovery versus White Knight Chronicles (due out in Japan before Q1 end 2009) to see who comes out on top in the JRPG department in the near future.

krakdol3716d ago

While I'm a PS3 fan, this kind of games (JRPG in general) could finally make me buy a 360, especially if they don't come on PS3 soon.

I just don't like FPS on consoles that much, so I need other genres to buy one. Fable 2 looks nice too.

socomnick3716d ago

The xbox 360 has the widest variety of games at the moment m8. While this fall the xbox 360s lineup is very very rpg heavy with about 7 rpgs coming out. It also has some good shooters, 3rd person games and an extensive catalog of different genres including good flight games.

Panthers3716d ago

LOL You go gettem Socomnick!

I swear some people on this site must be getting paid.

socomnick3715d ago

hehe Im just trying to enlighten him on the great things he will get to play when he purchases his xbox 360. I recommend he waits until September though. Just in case the price cut is real. He could use those 100 dollars saved and purchase one of many rpgs available on the system.

Skadoosh3716d ago

Cant wait to buy this beauty! :)

NoxiousD3716d ago

I am so tempted to get this game, all the RPG's are on the 360 and PS3 has nothing but sony ones which suck ass, like really hard. I might bite that bitter bullet and just dedicate myself to my 360. I don't know what Sony is going to do, I still have yet to get my hands on Trusty Bell, which was suppose to come to the PS3 a while ago, and I bet this game will follow suit also.

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