New screenshots of Dragon Quest for the Wii

Today we have some new screenshots of the Dragon Quest game for the Wii: Dragon Quest The Masked Queen and The Tower of Mirrors. The screenshots aren't very big, but they give a nice impression of the nonetheless.

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jerseynets045260d ago

oh gosh i hope this isnt a first person RPG like oblivion. oblivion looks so cheap in a plastic world way. i hope i saw it wrong and it turns out to be like the previous

PS360WII5260d ago

Nice that not only the Wii will be getting a spinoff of it but the DS gets IX! Right after getting Rocket Slime. Not to meantion that the gba now has I - V and VI coming out in feb. Sure seems Square Enix and Nintendo are back in action!
Now for a Super Mario RPG for the Wii / DS ^^

calderra5260d ago (Edited 5260d ago )

Quick review from the future:
"The Dragon Quest series again recycles gameplay we're tired of seeing, unnecessarily inflated gameplay time from long walking distances combined with tons of level-grinding, along with the always-frustrating save system that'll have you replaying large chunks of the game if you haven't levelled enough to make it all the way through a specific dungeon. It's our Game of the Month, and I suspect it'll make Game of the Year! Rating: 10/10"

Just look back to Dragon Quest 7 and 8 for some recent examples. Just interchange "stale SNES graphics" and "Dragonball-esque cel shading" between the two and it's almost impossible to tell the difference.

MissAubrey5259d ago

if thats how it would of looked had they made a Dragon Quest for the first Xbox?

ChickeyCantor5259d ago

this game doesnt really have free movement, at evry battle you offense and defense real time and after that he walks the path himself....