PSP-3000 Is Real, FCC Filing Surfaces

Surprise, surprise. An FCC listing has confirmed that Sony is indeed working on the eternally-rumored PSP-3000. There are no details yet, as Sony has made a request for confidentiality regarding the particulars of the unit.

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Hydrolex3722d ago

has a PHONE TOO !!

WOw it would Kill Iphone.

All it needs is a touchpad.

BigBaehr3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Sorry, fuked up with the one alternative source (PSP 3001 - | By: BigBaehr).

Edit: And the reply lol. I need some sleep. Too bad I just recently bought the God of War PSP.

Hydrolex3722d ago

- You cannot carry that big ass phone everywhere

- you cannot text message in the middle of class or tests

there are more bad things.

Strife Lives3722d ago

Whoop whoop (sarcasm) ,well Im not buying it.I love my PSP 2000 oh yeah.I would buy a Psp2 though.

Meresin3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Guess I'll hold off on buying a PSP for a while longer. I wonder if it'll get announced at Leipzig or TGS.

Hope so. I really want one to act as a general purpose PMP. :D

Masta_fro3721d ago

probably not though...think publicity wise, sony would try to keep this a secret as long as they can. They wouldn want to reduce current psp sales.

SmokingMonkey3722d ago

Dual analog is a must
4 shoulder buttons would be nice
PSN log in
they should just use 4/8/16gig duo for game cartridge
or maybe some UMD bluray

f7897903721d ago

faster and uses less power. But they will go with umd bluray to stop piracy from taking it over. Just like UMD stopped piracy on the psp.

enjoi1873722d ago

wow another one.....feel bad for the people who already had one..

Shane Kim3722d ago

yea it feels almost like that xbox 360 you bought don't it?

MikeGdaGod3721d ago

i've already said this in another post but i'll just copy and paste what was said: this was in response to someone that was thinking of buying one but thought a new model could be on the way.

"buy one from Best Buy with an in-store extended warranty. then if a new one comes out in the next two years, take the one you have back and tell them something is wrong with it. they'll give you a new one but if nothing is there but the newer models you'll get that. that's how i got my silver PSP slim for free even though i had the original fatty. just make sure that when you bring it back, the old model is completely phased out.

if they don't come out with a newer model, at least the one you have will be completely covered no matter what you do to it. problem solved"

people that have warranties on their PSP's have nothing to worry about. and i don't know why people wouldn't get a warranty on a portable console anyway. it's too easy to drop and break.

zethos563721d ago

can be said for any early adopters

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The story is too old to be commented.