AMD vs Nvidia - it's back on

PC performance freaks should take note: ATI is back. The fortunes of AMD / ATI ship are turning around, with their new 4870 X2 deemed the new king of the hill in PC gaming performance.

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SlyGuy3721d ago

are doing well now.

But my experience buying a previous vid card with them will lead to me never buying another. The overheating and driver support was horrible.

Still I do like my AMD processor.

AuToFiRE3721d ago

wow thats a new one, mine has never overheated, hell i even unplugged the fan on mine to see how long ti would take, when it reached 120 celcius i called it quits because i didnt want to completely destroy my card

SlyGuy3719d ago

Well it would get pretty hot, but the main problem was rly the driver support.

After a lot of research, apparently I found out that I was not the only one experiencing the same problem.

FantasyStar3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

In time Nvidia will release their 280 Ultra that'll take the flagship GPU again and all this will be blown over. Putting 2 GPUs on the same PCB isn't impressive when it comes to cost/performance/heat ration.

I'm rooting for AMD/ATI to release a revolutionary Video Card to dust off the Nvidia competition cause frankly, there needs to be some GFX Drama in dis house!

BludoTheSmelly3721d ago

All video cards should have multi gpus on a single board. Just makes way more sense.

NRG3720d ago

It's not easy to squeeze two GPUs onto one PCB next to all the memory and other essentials. Single GPU cards today are already way larger than anything we've seen before. (on a consumer level) Not to mention cooling three or more cores could become a real problem. Just look how huge the 4780 X2 cooler is, as well as the card itself. Some experts think going multi-core-anything, is the wrong direction in the interest of technology progression.

Tyrael3721d ago

im a man who's in love with his copper cooled 4850

jerethdagryphon3720d ago

2x4050x2=4gb ram and a household heater