Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Growlanser: Heritage of War

The Growlanser series is quite a success in the US and Japan. Trading Figures, Soundtrack releases and even a special edition of this release, Growlanser: Heritage of War, amongst others, are all regularly available abroad. However, here in the UK, Growlanser: Heritage of War is in-fact the first release that's been published for sale on these shores. That honour goes to Rising Star Games, a publisher whose reputation is going from strength-to-strength amongst Core gamers, thanks largely to titles such as Valhalla Knights and Luminos Arc, and updates in classics series including Bomberman and Harvest Moon, as well as the forthcoming intriguing Role-Playing Game Baroque.

Growlanser: Heritage of War features a unique story, so no knowledge of previous titles is necessary. The game is split into five distinct Chapters, each featuring unique characters and plot development. The player begins as Seldous, an orphan whose orphanage was destroyed through war...

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