The Division: new gameplay and info harvested from hype trailer

Missed out on The Division alpha? Never mind, here are some people talking about how good it was.

The Division is still locked away in closed testing and behind NDA’s, so not many have had a look at it. Today, Ubisoft offered the rest of us a peak at some recent playtests, complete with commentary from a number of testers.

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81BX1062d ago

The alpha was great!

madworld1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Of course I will not pre order noooo not yet, I said it before and I will said it again,I know we were so excited when they announced the game first time with one of my favorite demos in E3 2013 but also we have to know we dealing here with Ubisoft don't forget about that what they doing know is just keep The Hype high by releasing those short videos and make many players to Pre Order the game,but what we don't know is that, the game in very bad shape and the graphic looks so bad and you can see here what is the real condition of the game

gamer91062d ago

1. pre-orders are easily cancelled
2. the alpha was great

81BX1061d ago

Weird... played the alpha.... liked it.... im in :). Im past the point of trusting one "insider". If something more happens closer to release then ill adjust accordingly

Kreisen1062d ago

Kinda disappointed that its not a survival game as i initially thought it would be but im still excited, gameplay looks solid.

Jimkahn1062d ago

highly dissapointed didnot check my emails for a week or 2 and the otherday i did and saw ubisoft sent one saying thanks for participating in the alpha. so i looked futerback and saw i had a code. :(

zackdollars1062d ago

After Watchdogs, I will wait for reviews (and word of mouth). It looks like the same engine.

sarlucic1062d ago

It's difference engines, Watch dogs was created in one called Disrupt, while The Division is created in SnowDrop engine that is created by the swedish company Massive that ubisoft bought. They are famous for World in conflict, parts of Far Cry 3 and so on.

NovaCorps1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

hmm how much these guyz got payed for this i wonder...
anw will wait for totalbiscuit

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