Xenoblade Chronicles X Could Have Been Perfect…But They Blew It

XMMORPG writes:

As you may have guessed by the website you're visiting my forte is typically the MMO genre but once in a while I dabble elsewhere. Just recently I dabbled into the wonders of Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U and today I wanted to touch on the shortcomings of the developers - specifically targeting the poor execution of what could have been a fantastic multiplayer component

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derkasan2537d ago

Sounds like the multiplayer is more of an afterthought than anything else. It'd be great if it was on the scale of something like Monster Hunter.

pcz2537d ago

i recently bought this game.... now i just need a wiiu,

hoping for a price drop in the new year.

i dont care what critics say, because even some people didnt like xenoblade on wii. if i listened to them my faith wouldnt have been restored in gaming

benji1012537d ago

Price is only increasing here in Japan... so cant see a price cut coming. Seems like Nintendo is fine with selling less for more?

3-4-52537d ago

This is 95% a single player game anyways. They didn't blow anything.....they made a good quality game.

derkasan2537d ago

No doubt there. Just talking about the multi.

bcornett142537d ago

This is an unfortuante review for me. I have never played anything in this series before and though the trailers looked good, I might wait to see this drop in price before picking it up. I still intend to play it.

Godmars2902537d ago

There's only been one game in the series which played close to this.

Bimkoblerutso2537d ago

And it was definitely the better game. Still liked X quite a bit, but the pacing and the silent protagonist really put me off at times.

CaptainCamper2537d ago

I really enjoy the game as a whole. I've never played a Xenoblade title before either but loving this.

The multiplayer is a little disappointing. I would love to see an update that provided constant squad missions for the 4 player co-op but not heard anything about it.

ErogeMaster2537d ago

Dont you mean Xeno games since theres only one from the Wii called Xenoblade chronicles all the other Xeno games are on Sony's side of the fence like Xeno gears and an all time favorite Xenosaga.

xPhearR3dx2537d ago

This is primarily a single player game anyway. You can't play any of the story, affinity or side missions in MP. Only MP specific ones. So if that doesn't bother you, pick it up. The game is one of the best games this year with hundreds of hours of content.

I wouldn't wait around for a price drop. You'll be waiting a long time. The original Xenoblade for Wii still averages for around $50 and it's been out for YEARS. It took me about a week to finally convince my cousin to go out and get it, and now he's obsessed with it and told me he wishes he bought it sooner. Trust me. Get is ASAP.

bcornett142537d ago

I'll add this to my list to pick up then. Thanks!

Killz4Twinkies2537d ago

Just depends on what you are looking for...

if that is a great single player rpg experience (as intended), then i would highly recommend this.

if it is a MMO or coop experience (never intended), then probably not for you

I view the multiplayer as more of a more interesting way of questing and gaining xp rather than core gameplay

thepatientgamer2537d ago

I can guarantee that this game will not drop below $45

roboshort2537d ago

I wouldn't rely too much on just one review, though I can understand you not wanting to blow your money on something you don't like. The previous game is a linear RPG so it plays a bit different from this one. This one is more of a WRPG/JRPG hybrid and has improved upon it in most areas.. However it is more complex. If you like more linear games without silent protagonists, you might not enjoy it.

Ol_G2537d ago

the game is good this game isn't multiplayer it's a singleplayer experience with some multiplayer for post game.
don't be fooled this game is one of the best rpg experiences of the last years

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deno2537d ago

Game is amazing. Always complaining, never satisfied.

RPGrinder2537d ago

Amazing game, this article blew it

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