Crackdown Updated Impressions

From the preview: "As is the norm with pre-release builds, the gameplay wasn't perfect, so this won't be an extensive review, but even with these glitches and flaws, I came away with a clear opinion that Crackdown raises the bar for "open-world" or "sandbox" action/adventure games to follow. It's not a genre-defining game, as Grand Theft Auto III was, but it does take the premise and moves it forward with a bunch of nice, new features.

Crackdown offers a tried-and-true premise as its foundation: You're a scientifically enhanced crimefighter who's let loose to clean up Pacific City of its gangs by nearly any means possible. You have your normal cache of weaponry, from handguns to shotguns to high-power rifles to a rocket-powered grenade launcher. As the gangs get more challenging to beat, you'll also be adding new gear with which to suppress this urban warfare."

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Silver3605251d ago

This one is a must buy for me

THAMMER15250d ago

Co-op is what I'm looking for. Xbox Live KiKC's @ss.

BoneMagnus5250d ago

I passed on Saints Row - young kids in the house etc, but in this game, you are the good guy.

Been keeping my fingers crossed that it would be good...

OutLaw5249d ago

I definitely want Crackdown. Hope it plays as good as it looks.

It's kind of funny but the way the characters leap buildings and have the strength to throw cars, it kind of reminds me of The Incredible Hulk game.