Ranking 2015's PS4 Exclusives from Worst to First

COG writes - PlayStation fans have a lot to be excited about as we look forward to 2016, but we can't help but take a look back at 2015 as we rank the PS4 exclusives line up from worst to first.

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Paulhammer1664d ago

Great list, although Axiom Verge ought to be much higher...

Digital_Anomaly1664d ago

Crazy how good pretty much ALL of the games are though!

mEATgrinder1663d ago

No, no they're not. probably from 7 onward are they any good

moegooner881664d ago

I liked The Order. Really enjoyed it. If you like linear, story based games, then chances are you might enjoy it, if you want open world stuff, just for the sake of it, then it won't be your cup of tea.

Digital_Anomaly1664d ago

I liked it too but the media hive mind went all out on the hatred and only a few outlets managed to break free. Not that it wasn't worth of some of the criticism lobbed its way, but The Order was much better than how it fared from critics.

WelkinCole1664d ago

Funny how critics said it plays like a PS2 game and yet so many of them are bitching about wanting to get full PS2 games BC on the PS4.

It was a unique SP story focused experience which now is in my collocation.

I loved it because it was not another Uncharted/Gears with vampires in London.

Subaruwrx1664d ago

I liked The Order for its story and pretty graphics but found the cover shooter/shooting gallery game play to be archaic and somewhat frustrating. That said, unlike many, I thought the QTEs were appropriate and didn't detract from the game play. My personal review score - 7/10.

NukaCola1664d ago

The only thing that was really wrong with the order is that the AI and the level design was to linear.

KwietStorm1664d ago

I've been gaming for probably 30 years. I like all kinda of games. The Order just isn't a very good game. Yes, that's my opinion. No I'm not going to defend The Order just because I'm supposed to.

Digital_Anomaly1664d ago

I don't defend it because I'm supposed to, but I definitely enjoyed the game. I wrote the official review linked in the article above and published it right at embargo. I was definitely surprised to see the tanking scores but hey, just like you said, opinions and all that! Beauty thing is that I won't tell someone else their opinion is wrong, unlike so many others. Gotta respect it.

aquamala1664d ago

1/3 of these are not PS4 exclusives, Rocket League? lol

Digital_Anomaly1664d ago

It would help if you read the first paragraph, just sayin'

Corpser1664d ago

Or they can fix their misleading title

2pacalypsenow1664d ago

"We’ve included full exclusive, timed exclusive (as in you could only play this in 2015 on the PS4 if you’re a console gamer) and console exclusives as well for those of you who might start yelling about games being on the PC too."

KwietStorm1664d ago

Change title of book, because words inside tew much read. Got it. ~fin

76erz241664d ago

Sony should do far better next year, especially with Uncharted 4 releasing. But only 4 AAA games, supplemented by a bunch of games that were released or will be released on different platforms outside this year and a lot of arcade/indie games was pretty weak compared to the competition this year.

FlipSwitch1664d ago

By the competition I assume you are talking bout MS. Yet Xbone only had 2 real exclusives this year. I fail to see how that is weak compared to PS4's 4.

esmittystud1011664d ago

Bloodborne was my game of the year.

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