TellTale Games Need A New Game Engine writes:

''TellTale games have become major players in the modern industry. Darlings of the critics, favourites of the consumer, life is good for TellTale. They’ve been securing license faster than Funko. Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Borderlands Minecraft and Batman form the current core catalogue of licences TellTale have access to. That’s a whole lot of brand power.''

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Kalebninja1040d ago

Word, I love their games but they need to upgrade badly. There's too many glitches that disrupt gameplay and all the animations are in desperate need of updating I swear I hate seeing the same facial expressions over and over.

PixelGateUk1040d ago

The facial expressions are limited, it's more the odd frame rate drops that happen quite often...that and the engine is so old now

Perjoss1040d ago

I don't think its only the facial expressions, I don't mean to offend anyone that works on the games as I'm sure they work really hard but they really need to either hire some good animators or give their animators more time to do their job properly. Good animation takes time and is something that simply cannot be rushed, unless of course you don't mind releasing poor quality.

Timesplitter141040d ago

For the sort of game they're making, there is really no reason not to go with Unity or UE4

ifistbrowni1040d ago

I'm not sure I'm ready for the cost of a new engine.

On consoles, TT games launch at $20. If you wait until all episodes are available and them buy, you usually can grab their games on sale for $5. Example: PSN had Tales from the Borderlands for like $3.75 last week and $7 a few weeks before that.

Point is: I buy telltale games for their story-telling. They're usually 8-12 hour games that tell an entertaining story and they carry a low cost ($). Honestly, I'd prefer their story-telling get even better before their graphics engine. I'm currently playing Game of Thrones on PS4 (Just got dones with TWDS2, Tales from Borderlands is next) and I'm satisfied with how it looks.

I remember The Walking Dead Season 1 on Xbox 360 though. That game was glitchy and the frame rate would be really low at times.