The True Australian Xbox LIVE Experience: Physical vs. Electronic

With the recent comparison of the Australian XboxLIVE service to that of the American one, DarkArmada elaborates on the value of XboxLIVE's different payment methods.

DarkArmada writes: "In the first part of this look at Xbox LIVE in Australia, we had a look at what we Aussies are actually paying for. In comparison to what our Yankee friends from up North get for a lot less money than we pay, we see less features. And although yes this seems somewhat unfair, even taking all that into consideration, I still feel that Xbox LIVE is worth my $80 per year.

But a key feature in the marketing of Xbox LIVE has been in the flexibility of payment, the ability to have your account auto-renew every year or be renewed via a subscription purchased in a retail store. Since day dot I've had my account set to auto-renew and every year, $80 is taken out of my credit card to refill that 12 month size cup of goodness, but lately I've changed my ways…"

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GrathiusXR3771d ago

I love making the trip to my local GAME and buying the 12 Month LIVE Card in person... Not because i do not have a Debit Car nor a CC even though many do..

It's for the pure joy of walking into the shop and having an awesome chat with the guys/gals that work there as it is always good to have a chat with them as i am good friends with the staff there and for me it feels more safe than having my CC details and such on LIVE with all these scams, hack, and so forth of ways to obtain people info...

Of course over LIVE is way more convenient i enjoy making the trip to buy it in person :)

gaminoz3771d ago

That's just silly that renewal costs so much. Magazines drop prices for renewal to keep you, Microsoft should do the same.

I'm still not sold on the worth of Live and when it costs $80-100AUD, I'm even more reluctant to think it worth it. Sure I'd pay that if they monitored the service more and provided a more family-friendly game zone (like in the gamercards: eg. family, casual, hardcore, underground...). Some of the stuff that goes on is ridiculous.

Superfragilistic3771d ago

Yeah I'm happy to pay for it simply because the amount of time I spend on it is worth much more than an equivalent expenditure on 5-6 movies at $15 a pop.

But it's freakin outrageous that we pay so much compared to our American colleagues when the dollar is almost at parity.

And don't get me started about the lack of content compared to the US and the shocking prices of games here. I love the guys a GAME because they tend to know their sh!t, but recently I've found if they can't match the import prices I simply import from their UK stores or buy off ebay/PlayAsia.

ice_prophecy3771d ago

I didn't know you could import xbox games to australia? one of the issues that were of concerns to me was the costs of buying games. I thought the 360 would be too costly since I didn't have the import option.

Please give me more details?

Immortal Kaim3771d ago

All you have to do is make sure the games are PAL (Australian and UK/European Regions, and some other).

Now you can Check to see if it's PAL at (sorry about the Link). You can get good prices from Playasia, should check it out mate.

Any other questions, just give me a shout. :)

ice_prophecy3771d ago

Would those PAL release versions be delayed in comparison to the US versions?

( I refer to the US -> Europe delay that some games experience)

Immortal Kaim3771d ago

Good question. Yes and No, the majority of the time the US might get games a few days before AU/UK. Though there have been cases of massive delays between NTSC (US) and PAL releases (example being Tales of Vesperia).

Sorry mate just to clarify, you are in Aus?

It shouldn't be a big problem though, shipping is usually pretty quick as well.

ice_prophecy3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Yea I reside in Australia.

Oh thats unfortunate. I would try to pick up the US copy if it comes out earlier, but that wont work because I am region bounded?

shall we turn this volley into a PM ^^

Immortal Kaim3771d ago

Sure mate, send me a PM anytime, I will do my best to answer.


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Immortal Kaim3771d ago

As much as I would love to support the gaming industry here in Aus, the disparity between prices here and abroad are ridiculous. I don't even buy my XBL Gold subscription cards in Australia.

JohnnyBadfinger3771d ago

The cost to me aint really an issue but it is a little much considering our aussie dollar is almost as strong as the yanks. but i will always keep paying for the service because there is no other console in the same league as the xbox live service.
the one thing microsoft should do is improve the aussie servers to help reduce lag, because lets face it aussie internet is a joke. while the US are tearing us new a***holes with their T1 and T3 connections its kinda of hard to enjoy the online expirence, when we are playing on their equivalent to dial-up. as far as i know the only servers in australia are in Sydney, so there would be alot of data being squeezed into those servers. sure they can handle it but THE MORE THE BETTER, put servers in all australian states to share the work load around.
either that or microsoft can introduce australia to T1 and T3 by starting their own ISP.

Bangladesh3771d ago

I've got an Aussie buddy on my friends list, and before he upgraded his connection, we could barely play Halo 2 together. Hopefully, those aussie scientists will get that new uber broadband going over there soon for you guys.
Tell them to send it over here after you guys get it. lol

ice_prophecy3771d ago

Thats a tough one.

Australia's internet infrastructure is predominantly owned by a single company. All the small companies are using Telstra's lines one way or another.

They refuse to upgrade the infrastructure to international standards and on top charge premium.

Let's put this into perspective. I am paying $89AUD a month for 1.5mb ADSL (1) connection with a 25gb Cap. On top of that add a 35$ line rental fee per month.

disrupt3r3771d ago

Ice, you should look at changing providers. Im with TPG, ADSL2+, 20mbps, 50 gig cap @ $59 per month

ice_prophecy3771d ago

TPG doesn't service our area unfortunately. I have either telstra, or some company that I have trouble bringing myself to trust.

disrupt3r3771d ago

Thats a shame, besides there below average customer service operators, i have had a good experience with them. maybe one day they will extend there coverage to your area

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