360 Arcade Outselling Pro (In Australia).

Since the recent Xbox 360 price cuts in Australia, the Arcade SKU has been the biggest-selling 360 in the country. That's not anecdotal, that's according to Xbox Australia.

name5812d ago

But..but.. no one buys the arcades. Microsoft should just ignore them completely right

ozsman5812d ago

I wonder what might happen if they get the sept. rumored price drop.

AStupidXbot5812d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, of course people dont want to spend more money for a piece of crap.

TheAveragePs3User5812d ago

teh ps3 was onlys 600 dollers puls teh 60 doller game taht came with it( i can t wate till the next game in for monthes)

LittleBIG Planest ftw!

power of Green 5812d ago

Funny pic, if that Price drop ends up real we'll need nets.

Fishy Fingers5812d ago

Strange, MS should make it clear these people may encounter problems down the road with certain games.

If they just made the 360 compatible with 3rd party external HDD's the Arcade would sell like hot cakes, worldwide.

Bangladesh5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

Fishy, why even say something if you have no proof, and MS has made no indication of anything being kept from Arcade owners? You troll 360 stories pretending you are some kind of guru, when you are really nothing more than a lowly ps3 fanboy passing off bs as truth.

Give me links Fishy or your comment is precisely what I said it was.

He edited and added that after my comment.

ice_prophecy5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

I am sure xbox users would agree that having the 'option' to use third party HDD instead of the proprietary one would be very handy. Just like their 'option' to buy the 120Gb one provided by MS, why not allow them the 'option' to replace that 120GB HDD with a third party one?

Microsoft still sells the 120gb HD + Caddy for what ever price they do, and users can replace that 120gb with a larger one.

Win win.

(well cost is still an issue, but at least there is choice)

edit: I still dont understand why Arcade SKU + 3rd Party HDD/MS Proprietary HDD isn't an acceptable formula? There may or may not be a need, but doesn't change the fact that it is favourable to consumers? Microsoft can still make it favourable to them, by charging for the caddy to allow you to put in third party HDDs.

I dont think people would have a problem buying a Caddy add on for the system...

power of Green 5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

I guess they'll buy an cheap HDD down the road, games already warn and list requirments lol.

"MS should make it clear these people may encounter problems"

^^The HDD-less console doesn't tell them that?, are you assuming MSFT will be using the HDD in ways they don't now?. Is the notion of optional installs sparking wild PS3 fan speculation?.

Always sour grapes with you in *every single* Xbox thread lol.

EDIT Below: I'm sorry if you thought I was talking to you.

ice_prophecy5812d ago

If sour grapes are so unsavoury, then leave it on the tree. Eventually it will rot away.

There is no point always focusing on the stuff u feel is negative. Just ignore it and you will stop fuelling it. It is perspectives anyway.

sorry for the diversion, Back on topic.

How do people feel about my above comment? Given that option, it wouldn't be detrimental would it, if anything beneficial?

Fishy Fingers5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

@ Bangladesh Excuse me? Can I not say something even slightly negative without you guys jumping to MS defence. The arcade has already shown it has problems with games, Burnout Paradise for one, the Arcade owners can not play online.

Also, I have not edited my comment at all. i troll 360 threads? I own 2 360 consoles, why dont I have the right to look at 360 news? You guys are seriously out of hand. Perhaps after work you'd like me to PM you pictures of me holding my 360's? Would that make you feel better? Would that then allow me in your eyes to click on 360 news?

If you dont like my comments put me on ignore. It's simple.

Also note... "people may encounter problems down the road with certain games. "

MAY, MAY encounter problems with CERTAIN, CERTAIN games. Explain to me how future MMOs like Conan will work without a HDD. Your so quick to jump on me you obviously didnt take the time to read and understand my point.

Funny, I never used to get half the level of abuse I get now before I had snake as my avatar, perhaps I should make a halo one then you might get off my back a bit.

@ice_prophecy, none of my comment is directed at you.

power of Green 5812d ago

"There is no point always focusing on the stuff u feel is negative. Just ignore it and you will stop fuelling it. It is perspectives anyway"

WTF?, Read you comments before you post.
This thread is about the Arcade selling more than the PRO, not what you and fishy are talking about. LMAO

On topic, We'll probably see this happening in the NA market.

ice_prophecy5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

Frankly, I give up.

You choose to pull apart my comments rather then helping me understand your rational and the possibly rational of others.

If you aren't willing to discuss with me, then just tell me to GTFO from the start. I feel silly for even attempting to be emphatic.

I may not have an xbox, but that does not mean I hate it. I like to discuss such news because I like to see both sides of the story. I have no issue with the 360 system itself in particular, it just so happens that in my situation I have not chosen the 360 for more reasons than one.

Just fyi, my comments are in regards to fish's comments. I am certain that the arcade system would sell even more than what it is doing now with the option to choose a third party HDD. I dont even know how that can be disputed.

PS:You are taking my comment out of context, PoG. I will help you:

read it like this:

"If sour grapes are so unsavoury, then leave it on the tree. Eventually it will rot away.

There is no point always focusing on the stuff u feel is negative. Just ignore it and you will stop fuelling it. It is perspectives anyway."

I am saying, if something annoys you, then dont bother picking on it, just leave it. ie Fishy's comment in your case.

But now I am a hypocrite.

Bangladesh5812d ago

I don't care if you have a 360 for every room in your house. I've got a ps3, but I'm a 360 fan. You are a Sony troll, that is going purely by your behavior on this website.
Anyone that doubts it can read your comment history.

clintos595812d ago

Alot of these people buying the arcade sku are going to be dissappointed when they find out later they cant play a few games because of no hard drive. I mean whats the point of selling this sku if people who buy it have to buy a hard drive anyways? It makes no sense and anyone who isnt a blind fanboy would know this sku is a joke and just another way of MS milking us. I guess if u love getting milked then go for the gold buying this sku but if your smart u will buy the premium sku or an elite over this joke of an sku.

Megaton5812d ago

I don't know much about the Arcade's effect on current games caused by not having a hard drive, but if it's true that you can't play Burnout Paradise online because of it, there's no reason for this devolved SKU to be on the market anymore. Your gaming experience should not suffer just because you chose a different SKU.

The ethical thing to do would be a recall, accompanied by a discontinuation and re-release w/HDD. Continuing to actively advertise a console that will make some of your current-gen titles run with less features than they have on the other SKU's is ethically bankrupt. Screwing the uninformed in the name of moving units and holding claim to the cheapest price point.

As the company that pioneered the HD-standard console, I still can't believe they went back on that in the first place.

titntin5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

Rationality eludes those that continue to suck on the corporate teat.
trying to have a rational debate with people like POG and Bangladesh is a waste of time - they are here merely here to hate on anyone who doesn't bow to their 'almighty'. Rational gamers who actually like games have no chance of a decent debate.

It's more than relevant to discuss the fact that the arcade pack does not have a hard drive. Its the one major thing (except for the price point) thats sets the sku apart from the others. It does make the machine less suitable for online gaming, and means that features such as the movie downloads are not available. Its not unreasonable to wander if the consumers are fully informed as to what they are buying, or are simply attracted by an appealing sticker price.

It maybe well be that many consumers simply aren't interested in the online component of the 360 or any of the services which may require a HD, and simply want a good no frills games machine. If thats the case, and it appears to be, then the approach of offering the arcade model would appear to be working.

We all know having HD-less versions of the machine IS an issue for developers, too many have said so for it to be denied. But its also true that it is an issue they have been forced to overcome, and if the payoff is more sales and a bigger install base, then you could argue it was a good business call!

TheMART5812d ago

Fishy your comment is fishy and spam because of this:

all 360 games work on the arcade. ALL of them.

There is only ONE, I say ONE game that has certain limits on the online component. Which means two games.

That one game (Burnout Paradise) means:

1. People that play offline with the Arcade (most likely because many parents buy their young kids a 360 and don't want them to go online with all those cursing kiddies out there) don't have a problem at all
2. People that play online will counter that they'll be able to play online, but they're missing out some online features.

Thats why what you write about is fud, nonsense, spam.

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power of Green 5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

There is a market for standard gaming habbits.

EDIT: #4.2... Stop tracking man here's what you said:

"There is no point always focusing on the stuff u feel is negative"

This is about sales of the low end 360 beating the PRo, I don't wan't to hear it, nor does any other fan of the console, lets watch the pigs fly please.

Bangladesh5812d ago

And the Arcade sku is perfect for the folks that don't have broadband or do not plan on playing online.

Unlike Sony forcing people without HDTV's to pay for a blu-ray player that they could have done without.

ice_prophecy5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

Never mind, I withdraw my question. Discussion seems too difficult.

clintos595812d ago

So simply your admitting that MS is forcing u to pay if u want to go on xbox live and play online since u brang up sony forcing u to buy bluray?

Bangladesh5812d ago

lol I don't think I denied it in the first place.

titntin5812d ago

Ho ho!
"Unlike Sony forcing people without HDTV's to pay for a blu-ray player that they could have done without."

Some people like to buy a machine with capabilities that will last them for for a few years. Certainly , when I buy a PC, I don't buy one with specs that meet just my needs of today, but I try to allow for what I'll need in three years time so I can still use the machine then.

That was the difference in approach. HD TV already has a very high penetration level for the more tech savvy people, and with new digital standards and cheaper prices the penetration of HD TV's is growing hugely at a very early time in the cycle of these consoles life. Theres no question that having the extra space available on a disc for a game is beneficial, and that restricted room is problematic for some games and developers.
MS used a drive that meant they could keep the machine cheap but restricted them in the long run, Sony used a drive that gave then a long term advantage but seriously hampered their costs at the start of the cycle.

I'm not suggesting any one approach is more valid than any other, but I do suggest that both approaches were valid, and whilst MS has enjoyed the benefits that their approach has brought early in the cycle, the Sony approach will, and already is, paying off in the longer term.

No one 'forces' anything - there no point in trying to portray Sony as an evil that forces you to consume, thats such a small-minded understanding. I don't complain when I get a new phone that they forced me to buy a camera when I already have one? They simply choose to include functionality that they think is useful and complimentary to the machine. As an owner of all the machines, I'm more than happy that one of them used a HD playback medium, its extremely useful to me, and all the games on that unit will be on one disc and will not be limited by space constraints. Its an advantage to me, and I'd suggest to many other gamers.

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