Send Me Not To Valhalla But Instead Hel – Valhalla Hills Review | BagoGames

Kailan May from BagoGames writes: I’m forever astounded at pop-culture’s ongoing ability to get something as lively, petty, and ridiculous as Norse Mythology and then scoop out anything that couldn’t appear in anything less than an 18 rating or is so insane as to baffle audiences. The problem is when you have lore that includes Odin’s pretty boy son, Baldr, being vowed to have nearly every object never hurt him (and therefore the other gods take up throwing things at Baldr as a pastime). After the scooping of the inappropriate, not much tends to be left besides vague pop-culture references like horned helmets. Valhalla Hills continues this pledge to the watered down Viking mythology pop-culture, hoping to charm people with its light-heartedness.

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