Rare and the rise and fall of Kinect

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell:

" In 2009, Kinect was poised to take over the world. A witches' brew of infra-red projection, an RGB camera and a multiple array mic designed to support full 3D motion and voice control, it was the magical piece of hardware through which everyone could play games, by making everybody a video game peripheral."

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Rookie_Monster1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

Kinect was one of worst gimmicks ever. MOTION control is just a fad just like light Guns, camera, 3D and pretty soon VR/AR.

Gaming is all about you and the plain old controller. Glad we don't have to hear about Kinect, Move, Wiimote, and concentrate on things that matter, real games.

DarkOcelet1039d ago

I think MS made it clear that the Hololens(AR) is not mainly for gaming and secondly, i think VR is gonna be big.

The only thing that could keep the VR from its true potential is the motion sickness but other than that, i think it will be amazing.

Rookie_Monster1039d ago

Also price as well. If VR requires the headset that cost as much as the console, plus things like a couple of move controller, camera to get the full experience, then it will be an uphill battle.

I played Driveclub VR and Rez at the PSX and even though it is short and kind of limited now, it does provide some great potential with better refinement and updates and if the right game or games comes along, who knows. Maybe GT Sports is that game.

DarkOcelet1039d ago

"Also price as well. If VR requires the headset that cost as much as the console, plus things like a couple of move controller, camera to get the full experience, then it will be an uphill battle."

In that part, we agree. The price will definitely be thing that will ultimately holds the fate of the VR.

TheCommentator1039d ago

It was actually the best gimmick ever, selling 8 million units in 60 days. Much like AR though, both Kinect sensors seem better suited to an environment that isn't gaming related.

raiden111039d ago

Kinect is awesome. Kinect sports and Just Dance is fun and innovative. Unlike 4K resolution gimmick. What's the point of 4K resolution if texture of the game is same as 1080p,1440p, and 4k. Just look at Fallout 4 4k resolution vs Mass Effect 2 1080p resolution. Mass Effect 2 wins with better graphics,story,gameplay, superior character design. 4k resolution is gimmick, nuff said!

The worst gimmick ever is 4k resolution. Nuff said!

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MegaRay1039d ago

A kinect article? Wow, thats Rare...

TheCommentator1039d ago

Nice, I see what you did there!

Ironically, it actually was Rare. Deep into the article, Rare says it was their decision to go all in on the Kinect software and that MS gave them creative freedom to do other things if they wanted. This notion goes against the idea some people have that MS forces all their devs to only make one IP.

Apocalypse Shadow1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

The first problem kinect had was that Microsoft skimped on the tech and put it put there without the proper ability. They limited its potential by saving money. Either out the necessary chips in our don't release it.

They rushed it just like rushing 360 and getting RROD.just like rushing Xbox one to launch with PS4 because they knew they would fall behind in sales.

Second problem was not putting core games out and going full casual. The fans wanted games but they didn't support halo or gears or any game for it to matter to the core gamer. They settled for fly by night gamers who's attention never stays put.

And as for those record breaking sales,Microsoft did what they always do: used their weight and muscle to FLOOD THE RETAIL CHANNEL just like they did with 360 to reach those "first to 10 million" sales. And pushed it with their multi million hype machine.once gamers saw how terrible most games were to play with inaccuracy because they skimped,it was inevitable for its downfall.

When dancing and exercise were your best games, that tells you how much of a failure in execution it was. Only propped up by money and a big company that misled people the whole way with ponchos and scripted stage acting.

candystop1038d ago

Sad but true! I'm actually glad MS now has a focus on games now. My Kinect is strictly used for voice commands and skype.