The Long Dark: Official Story Mode Trailer Reveal

Currently, the game is solely a survival sandbox mode in the early access build but that looks like that will be changing soon with the reveal of this story trailer.

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DarkOcelet2721d ago

Been waiting so long for this. Loved the Alpha.

OpieWinston2721d ago

If you like a nice intense survival game I recommend giving "The Long Dark" a look. It's actually intense throughout the experience. Has a "The Grey" feel to it.

DarkOcelet2721d ago

I havent played it in a while, did they fix the food/water consumption in the game? Because that seriously turned me off. A normal human being can live for days without food nor water, but here if you stay one day without either, you are dead.

BecauseImBatman2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I'm gonna download the trial on Xbox One tonight. It does look pretty good, I quite like the art style. If I like it I'll buy the game. Is the story mode coming out at the same time for Xbox One ?

poppinslops2721d ago

I'm pretty sure 'Spring 2016' is the release date for the full game - it's been in early-access for well over a year, so I doubt they'd do a beta for the story mode... It was announced as a part of the Win10/XO cross-buy program, so both versions will launch on the same day.

I've had my eye on this since it was first announced and I just know it's gonna be great... Hinterland are a small team, but have some serious pedigree talent - a few of 'em are ex-Bioware devs, which is probably how they were able to reunite Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale (the actors who voiced Mass Effect's Shepard) to do the male/female dialogue.

I'm just glad it's finally got a bloody release date... I was starting to think this game would never come out of early-access.

BecauseImBatman2721d ago


Okay. Good to know. Soz didn't know if that was the final release or not.

ShadowKnight2721d ago

Can't wait to get this for my PC

Perjoss2721d ago

"I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite survival game on the Citadel"

I love how the male and female characters are voiced by Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale, the voice actors for Mass Effect's male and female Commander Shepard.

brando0082721d ago

This game is on my Steam wishlist. It would be great if they ported it to ps4 to grab more gamers