Activision Doesn't Want 'Scarface' License, Kicks it Back to Universal

WorthPlaying Reports: Scarface is a 3rd person action game set in a complex world filled with excess and greed, where you take on the role of ruthless gangster Tony Montana.

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AStupidXbot3811d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, SONY could get it to take advantage of the bluray advantage.

RainOfTerror3810d ago

yes, get rid of good franchises like Scarface, Ghostbusters, World in Conflict, but keep the crappy Crash and Spyro sh*t ..

of course, it all makes sense ;P

Dissidia3810d ago

another scarface game is in the works?

okcomputer3810d ago

don't know about the game, but the movie is the most overrated piece of crap ever. Its like goodfellas for retards.

snoopgg3810d ago

they suck monkey balls. You wouldn't know a good movie if it bit you in the arse. Goodfellows was great, but Scarface is a classic son, recognize!!!!!!

okcomputer3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Classic? whatever man. I'm not saying its the worst movie ever, or that it "sucks monkey balls" its just not a good movie, and its overrated as hell. I love mob/gangster movies and scarface is just nowhere near as good as people like to say it is. All three godfathers (even the third one), goodfellas, bronx tale, donnie brasco, casino, the departed, carlito's way even new jack city, were all better movies than scarface.

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