Tetsuya Nomura vs Smash Bros.

What happens when Square Enix and Final Fantasy legend Tetsuya Nomura sits down and draws some official Smash Bros. art? This happens.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1899d ago

I just found my cellphone wallpaper.

DarkOcelet1899d ago

I think Nomura should make a game with FF characters and Nintendo characters.

Or maybe if KH3 comes to NX, it should have Link with a Hyrule world as a bonus, that would be awesome.

Sora and Link kicking butt together.

1898d ago
SilverClock1898d ago

Dude. I so agree with you. Ignore the dislikes. They don't like happiness.

ninsigma1898d ago

That would be cool! But would Disney need to be part of that deal?? Are they part of the dev process or have they just licensed the characters to square?? If Nintendo characters were to be considered, would that have to be a re-negotiation with Disney??

But yeah I agree with. Link and zelda would fit in the game so well.

DarkOcelet1898d ago


That would be something to witness but i doubt it will happen but who knows?


I honestly dont care about the dislikes, unless they give a reason why they disagreed, then i dont care. T


I said FF and Nintendo :), no need for Disney's characters as both Square and Ninty have tons of characters and worlds to use.

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MaxCompiler1898d ago

Happyness that what happens :)